We collect the extra revenue that other billing providers don’t.

Comprehensive Billing and Financial Services

billing and revenue cycle managementBilling & revenue cycle management
accounting, tax preparation, and payrollAccounting, tax preparation, & payroll
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What makes us different

We’re specialized

The team at Fusion Anesthesia has been serving only anesthesiologists for over 40 years. We’re intimately familiar with every anesthesiology billing situation and the relevant payer quirks.

We’ve developed custom technology & processes

Fusion Anesthesia’s systems are a hybrid of off-the-shelf billing systems and custom-developed reconciliation and reporting software… coupled with good old-fashioned human experience, persistence, and service.

We’re just the right size

You want a team small enough to know your name and value your business but big enough to invest in the technology you need. That’s us.

We’re dedicated to your success

Our mission is to collect as much of every dollar that you’re owed as we reasonably can. That’s 5-15% more than our competitors typically can.

What would 15% more income mean for you?


We’ll happily provide you with a comparative audit of your last six months clearly showing what your current company billed and collected versus what should have been billed and collected.
It doesn’t take a lot of your time and most customers are able to immediately increase their annual revenue by 5-15%.

Get a no-obligation 6-month report.

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Anesthesia jokes are funny - getting underpaid isn′t.

Contact us to learn how you can maximize your take home.

Anesthesia jokes are funny - getting underpaid isn′t.

Contact us to learn how you can maximize your take home.

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