As an anesthesiologist, your main concern is the comfort and safety of your patients. You shouldn’t have to deal with the complexities of medical billing, which is why you rely on your anesthesia billing consultants to handle the nitty-gritty of billing and ensure that you’re getting paid what you’re owed.

But not all billing companies are created equal. The reality is that some anesthesia billing consultants work much harder than others at retrieving your money. In fact, both the impersonal behemoths of the industry and the smaller “discount” companies routinely collect just the easy money and leave as much as 5-15% of your revenue on the table.

No matter how hard you work, your total revenue is significantly impacted by the performance of your anesthesia billing consultants.

Your Billing Consultant’s Dirty Secret

According to our research, on average, most payers consistently underpay their contracted amounts. This isn’t due to coding disputes or rejected claims­. Rather, payers are simply underpaying clean claims compared to negotiated rates.

As a busy physician, you don’t have time to correct every line of every reimbursement form. You rely on your billing consultant to cut through the bureaucracy and retrieve the money you deserve. But the sad truth is that most billing consultants simply take what payers give them and move on.

That’s because your billing consultant knows the most profitable thing for them to do is to collect the low-hanging fruit and call it a day. Billing consultants get paid as a percentage of collections, not an hourly rate, so most refuse to go through the time-consuming, laborious process of collecting that last 5-15% of your money.

Does that sound disturbingly familiar? If you’re worried you might be getting shortchanged, try this:

Ask your billing company for a line-by-line reconciliation for the past six months. If it doesn’t show that they were kicking back a significant percentage of the claims that were underpaid, then you’re almost certainly not getting what you deserve.

If you find your billing consultant is routinely settling for underpaid claims, switching to a more tenacious company could dramatically increase your revenue.

We Specialize in Collecting that Last 5-15%

With over 40 years of serving only anesthesiologists, Fusion Anesthesia has both streamlined the anesthesia billing process and cultivated a team of medical coders who are experts in every anesthesiology billing situation and the relevant payer quirks.

Most importantly, we’ve spent more than four decades perfecting the process of maximizing revenue for our clients:

  • We compare every single line item with the relevant contracts.
  • We know anesthesiology billing codes, regulations, and processes inside out to maximize claims while ensuring that they are 100% appropriate.
  • We fight, dispute, and claw for the claims that are denied.
  • We outlast difficult payers and keep resubmitting the paperwork.

At Fusion Anesthesia, we check every claim five times: twice by humans in-house, once by our own automated systems, and then twice again by our clearinghouse vendor.

We Kick Underpayments Back to the Payers

anesthesia billing consultatnts - kickAs we mentioned earlier, most anesthesia billing consultants accept underpayments and hope you don’t care or don’t notice. We think that’s outrageous.

Over the years, we’ve developed a proprietary system to fix this problem for our clients. Our solution is a process whereby we load, reconcile and maintain the fluctuating reimbursement rates for every payer, every service, and every client in our system. If we see a deviation, it’s automatically flagged and our relentless team sets out to correct it.

The result? We kick back a lot of underpayments.

As far as we know, we’re the only anesthesia billing consultants that load, reconcile, and relentlessly pursue fluctuations in reimbursement rates for every payer and every client in our system. It’s a major reason why we collect significantly more for anesthesiologists than in-house staff, standard billing consultants, and smaller discount companies.

Fusion Anesthesia: Comprehensive Services

Fusion Anesthesia provides billing services to over 400 anesthesiologists nationwide, helping them retrieve an extra 5-15% compared to what they were previously collecting.

anesthesia billing consultatnts - serviceIn addition, we offer additional practice management services:

  • Billing and revenue cycle management
  • Accounting, tax preparation and payroll
  • Practice management
  • Bookkeeping and bill paying
  • Business consulting
  • Compliance services

We invite you to learn more about how our proprietary anesthesia billing system, coupled with over 40 years’ experience serving only anesthesiologists, can ensure your practice receives all the income it’s entitled to.

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