To run a successful anesthesia practice, you need the right anesthesia billing consulting support – and not just any billing company will do. Anesthesia billing is much more complicated than most medical billing and requires specialized expertise and tools.

The right anesthesia billing consulting company maximizes revenue, provides total transparency, and ultimately makes your life easier.

Free guide to picking the right anesthesia billing consulting services:

How to Pick an Anesthesia Billing Provider

Worried About Changing Billers? Don’t be.

We understand that changing anesthesia billing consulting companies may seem like a huge hassle and that it may seem easier to just stick with what you have. However, staying with a mediocre billing company will cause ongoing losses of revenue, bad service experiences, and potentially even long-term liability for inappropriate billing.

Our time-test methodology ensures there is no disruption to your cash flow.

At Fusion Anesthesia, we have over 45 years of experience in onboarding new clients and ensuring a smooth transition with no service or financial disruptions. Our time-tested methodology means that we do most of the work involved in the transition and ensures that new clients have a great experience with minimal hassles.

Types of Anesthesia Billing Consulting Companies

Before diving into the specific things you should look for in your future anesthesia billing consulting company, you need to determine what type you want to work with. There are 5 ways you can complete your billing:

  • In-house
  • Regional general medical biller
  • Regional specialty anesthesia biller
  • National general medical biller
  • National specialty regional biller

Each type of billing option has its pros and cons. For more information on which type of anesthesia billing consulting would work for your practice…

What to Look for From an Anesthesia Billing Consulting Company

Anesthesia billing is not easy – but it is at the core of your finances. To help ensure the success of your practice, you need an anesthesia billing consulting company that not only provides standard billing services but also provides practice management services to support you. When looking at prospective anesthesia billing consulting companies make sure you look for:

  • Anesthesia-specific expertise: Anesthesia billing is unlike billing for any other specialty. If you don’t use someone with anesthesia expertise you could be missing out on earned funds, or worse, end up with billing problems.
  • Meticulous reconciliation process: The secret of the anesthesia billing industry is that payors systematically underpay compared to their contracted amounts – all the time. Make sure your anesthesia billing consulting company has systems and processes in place to combat these underpayments and collect everything you’ve earned.
  • Transparent reporting: You should always know exactly where your anesthesia practice stands financially. Your biller should provide you with robust reports that are accessible 24/7/365.
  • Practice management and consulting: Billing is just one part of running a successful practice. The best anesthesia billing consulting companies will provide a range of services that gives them the insight they need to optimize operations to help you maximize revenue.

Looking for an Anesthesia Billing Consulting Company?

Whether you’re looking to switch anesthesia billing consulting companies or are looking for your first provider – make sure you find a company that has the services needed to fully support your practice. Your billing provider should ideally be a partner who is there to help you optimize your practice so you’re as successful as possible.

Additional questions on what to look for from an anesthesia biller? Interested in our billing services?

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