Broken bankAs a working physician, you already know that the billing and collection process in the America is fundamentally broken.

Most anesthesiologists collect less than they are entitled to receive for their services. This isn’t due to coding disputes or rejected claims. Rather, payers are simply underpaying clean claims compared to negotiated rates, and hoping the billing services and anesthesiologists either don’t notice or don’t care.

Very few billing companies have the experience, commitment, or infrastructure in place to correct for this. Furthermore, most anesthesiology billings services don’t provide sufficient information to their client so that they can even detect this problem—much less properly evaluate or measure it.

Fusion Anesthesiology is different. We have over 40 years of experience serving only anesthesiologists. We’ve streamlined the anesthesia billing process and cultivated a team of medical coders who are experts in every anesthesiology billing situation and the relevant payer quirks. Our experience and tenacity routinely result in collecting an extra 5-15% of payment over other billing services.

We routinely collect about 5-15% more than other billing companies because we put in the extra work necessary to collect everything you are owed.

Let’s take a closer look at how we’re able to achieve this.

Working Against Our Own Interests to Work Harder for You

Because anesthesia billing services get paid as a percentage of collections, not an hourly rate, most refuse to go through the time-consuming, laborious process of collecting that last 5-15% of your money.

Fusion Anesthesia wholeheartedly rejects this business model. Underlying everything we do is the simple yet powerful belief that settling for underpayments is outrageously unfair to our clients.

ChecklistHere’s a brief overview of how we collect every cent you’re owed:

  • We compare every single line item with the relevant contracts.
  • We know anesthesiology billing codes, regulations, and processes inside out to maximize claims while ensuring that they are 100% appropriate.
  • We fight, dispute, and claw for the claims that are denied.
  • We outlast difficult payers and keep resubmitting the paperwork.

Over the years, we’ve developed a proprietary system whereby we load, reconcile and maintain the fluctuating reimbursement rates for every payer, every service, and every client in our system. If we see a deviation, it’s automatically flagged and our relentless team sets out to correct it.

We’re the only anesthesia billing service that does this, and it’s a result of over 40 years of serving only anesthesiologists. Our specialization in anesthesiology is a major reason why we collect significantly more for anesthesiologists than in-house staff, standard billing consultants, and smaller discount companies.

We simply know anesthesiology billing services better than anyone else.

What’s more, Fusion Anesthesiology assists with compliance concerns and ensures that our doctors are in good stead with Medicare and other payers by maintaining all documentation, making sure our doctors don’t accidentally over-code, and that they comply with national correct coding initiatives.

Customized Real-Time Reporting

Accurate reporting and total transparency should be a critical deliverable for any billing company that you do business with. Fusion Anesthesia gives you in-depth reports so you have easily monitor your expected versus actual income, expected monthly cash flow, and several other metrics. With these tools you can keep an eye on how much extra money we’re collecting for you, and how much you can expect before month, quarter, or year-end.


Our real-time reports include:

  • Reimbursement rates
  • Expected cash flow for the month
  • Collected vs. expected
  • Days in accounts receivable
  • Year-to-date revenue comparisons
  • Provider comparisons

Maybe you like to regularly review these numbers and maybe you don’t. Either way we make sure they’re there for your perusal. Reports are always up-to-date and available in near real-time.

Why? Because even if you’re not looking at these numbers every day, we are. Otherwise we can’t do our job—maximizing your collections.

If your current billing service doesn’t offer real-time reporting, how are they able to monitor collections to maximize your revenue?

Comprehensive Services Available

Fusion Anesthesia provides billing and accounting services to over 400 anesthesiologists nationwide. This gives us a very broad view of both the payer and provider landscapes across a broad range of geographies in the US.

bundleWe offer a variety of services in addition to billing and revenue cycle management:

  • Accounting, tax preparation & payroll
  • Practice management
  • Bookkeeping & bill paying
  • Business consulting
  • Compliance services

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