Passing the Relay BatonHanding over your entire revenue stream to a third-party is a big deal.

Whether you’re changing from another medical billing company or transitioning from a full or part-time employee, you might have concerns that cash flow could be disrupted or that crucial information could be lost.

We get that. That’s why we have developed our processes over the past 40 years to make changing anesthesia billing services as easy as possible for our new clients. Our promise to you is that no matter the circumstances of the change, we will do whatever is necessary to prevent a disruption in your cash flow.

Changing billing companies requires trust.

That’s why we encourage new and prospective customers to talk to some of our current clients. They will tell you that we collect 5-15% more than their old billing companies or employees. They’ll tell you that when they call, they always get a prompt answer from a senior-level professional with the answers they need.

Our customer service is so good that we essentially only lose our customers to retirement or the sale of their practice.

change anesthesia billing services – trust

Changing billing companies requires a careful process.

Our onboarding process ensures that it’s business as usual for our new clients and avoids cash flow disruptions. We develop a customized transition plan, with clear details and milestone that is mutually agreed upon. This is communicated to your old billing company and then meticulously executed upon.

It usually takes about a month to onboard established solo and two doctor groups and approximately two months for bigger practices. During that time, you should continue working with your current billing company with no changes. Starting on the first day of our agreement, we smoothly take over all new billing submissions and follow-ups

We get your current info directly from your current billing company (or employees if you do it in-house). We then input all your contracted rates with each payer into our systems so that we can ensure payers pay their actual expected amounts. The inconvenience for you during the transition is minimal; we do everything possible to relieve you from any additional administrative burdens.

change anesthesia billing services – trust

In the rare case of a “bad breakup” with your old billing company or employee, we can jump in and rapidly onboard your systems and start immediately billing with, or without, their assistance.

In addition to basic billing information, we import your contacts, historical and other accounting data into our systems so that we can provide value added services such as financial reporting, tax preparation, payroll, bill paying, practice management, business consulting, compliance services and more.

Wondering if you should be changing anesthesia billing services?

Of course, the biggest reason for changing billing services is that you’re not promptly collecting your full contracted rates for services performed.

After 40 years of providing billing services for anesthesiologists, we know that most of our clients didn’t realize how much money they were missing until after they switched. The majority saw an increase of 5-15% in their take-home pay immediately after we took over their billing.

As an anesthesiologist, evaluating the performance of your current billing company is quite hard. So we offer a no-obligation audit showing you exactly how good of a job your current billing provider is doing.

To make the comparison, just provide us with a report showing 6 months of activity, including a clear outline of what your current company billed and collected versus what your contracts call for. From there we can then show you what we would have billed and collected for the same services.

Call us at 262-787-4050 or contact us for a no-obligation 6-month comparative analysis.

Find out if we can increase your take-home by 5-15%.

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