When seeking to improve the performance of your anesthesiology practice you’ll find no shortage of recommendations from industry sources on a wide range of topics. While it’s good to stay informed about trends and best practices, it is even more important to understand where to focus your efforts. We’ve identified a select group of factors that have the greatest impact on your practice finances. By optimizing the metrics associated with these factors you can massively improve the financial health of your practice.

In this post, we examine the variable of anesthesia concurrency through the use of non-physician anesthesia providers, such as CRNAs, on your practice finances and provide recommendations for how to measure and manage the metrics associated with this area.  

Operating room efficiency is just one of the key metrics you should be watching.

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The Anesthesia Concurrency Factor

The industry is engaging in an ongoing discussion about the use of non-physician anesthesia providers in the operating room. Concurrency is defined as the number of cases a provider is involved in at the same time. By using non-physician anesthesia providers in conjunction with anesthesiologists, concurrency can increase.

One of the commonly debated topics concerns how much supervision is needed or appropriate for these other practitioners. Without taking a position on this clinical debate, the lower salaries commanded by non-physician anesthesia providers can create a significant financial lever for many practices if they choose to adopt this approach.

There is an ongoing debate in the anesthesiology community about how much supervision is required or appropriate when utilizing non-physician anesthesia providers.

If you’re discussing CRNAs within your practice or with your hospitals, we think it’s important to understand the financial implications before you make a final decision.

Modeling the financial impact of using CRNAs and various anesthesia concurrency supervision ratios can provide important insights.

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