Stuck in the OR waiting for surgery and need a good laugh? Exhausted from a long day and trying to get your colleague to crack a smile? Check out our anesthesiologist joke generator for some of our favorite anesthesia and anesthesiologist jokes.

Anesthesiologist jokes are funny, missing out on take-home income is not.

You may be thinking, “What do you mean? I make a significant salary and my pay-check arrives on time and in my account every month.”

This may be true, but if you don’t have the right billing experts on your side, that income number is likely lower than it should be.

Anesthesia Billing Experts

Anesthesia billing is complicated, and if your billing company doesn’t have anesthesia-specific billing expertise than there is a good chance they are missing out on legitimate ways to increase your take-home.

Anesthesia is a unique specialty that requires additional billing expertise to ensure it is completed properly.

Comprehensive Reconciliation

The unfortunate truth is that it is extremely rare for anesthesia claims to be paid in full on the very first submission. Billing companies must take the time to review and resubmit claims over and over until they are paid as contracted. Sadly, few companies (and even fewer freelancers) have the capability of tracking every contracted rate with every payor. So they cash whatever checks that the payers send and move on.

Take a look at your biller’s past reconciliations. If a significant portion haven’t been kicked back to the payers, or worse if none have been kicked back to payers, then you are missing out on hard earned income.

The sad truth is that anesthesia claims rarely get paid in full on the first submission.

Increase Your Take-Home

At Fusion Anesthesia our expert billers and coders have the detail-oriented skills required to increase your take-home by an average of 5-15%. With over 40-years of experience in the industry, we know exactly what it takes to ensure you maximize your take-home.

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