Billing for Hospital Anesthesiology Departments

Increase Revenue

increase revenueHospitals that use a single service for all of their billing, whether contracted or in-house, are relying on systems and expertise optimized to maximize revenue across all departments and specialties. However, that means they’re not optimizing billing and collections for some specific specialties with outlier requirements– like anesthesiology.

Increase collected revenue for anesthesia services by as much as 15%.

Decrease Regulatory Risk

decrease regulatory riskGeneralist billing personnel often don’t have sufficient expertise to avoid regulatory compliance problems. Anesthesiology billing is an especially complex minefield of potential problems that can only reliably be navigated by anesthesiology specialists.

As an example of potential problems, simply look at any of the Medicare double-billing fiascos suffered by many prestigious facilities. While some have blamed bad default settings in an EHR system, the real problem lay in treating anesthesia billing as a commodity without specialized oversight.

Protect your hospital from overbilling and fraud allegations.

Supplement existing billing arrangements and MAXIMIZE ANESTHESIA REVENUE with anesthesia-specific expertise.

Specialized People

specialized peopleAll of our coders are certified by the AAPC and deeply experienced with anesthesia billing. They know every anesthesia code, modifier, qualifying circumstance, and anesthesia type. What’s more, our staff have a complete understanding of how to determine the correct runtime for anesthesia services—an extremely common area for errors for non-specialists.

There’s no substitute for specialized expertise.

Even highly experienced general medical coders make anesthesia billing mistakes.

Specialized Systems

specialized systemsGeneric “medical billing” software is not going to bring your anesthesiology department to maximum collections. While there are certainly some commonalities across billing processes for the various specialties, there are also some key differences.

Fusion Anesthesia’s systems are a hybrid of commercial billing systems, custom-developed reconciliation and reporting software and databases… all developed and maintained specifically for anesthesia billing.

Just as with general billing services, attention to detail and rapid turnaround are critical. We have a three business day turnaround from the reception of complete billing notes to submission of a clean claim. Claims are checked and rechecked for mistakes prior to submission for payment.

At Fusion Anesthesia, we check claims multiple times through automated systems, humans in-house, and statistical sampling of all claims for auditing.

Meticulous Reconciliation: Our Secret Sauce

reconcilationPayers are constantly renegotiating payment schedules that vary depending on both the hospital and the patient in question. The result is a fantastically complex matrix of contracted rates for any given procedure. Payments are frequently either a little more or a little less than the actual contracted amount. However, on average, payments are significantly less than contracted amounts.

The only way to combat systemic underpayments is to reconcile every payment versus contracted rates on a line-by-line basis.

This is impractical for most hospitals and billers across every possible payer, procedure, and specialty. However, Fusion Anesthesia does load and constantly maintain the fluctuating reimbursement rates for every contract, every service, and every hospital in our system. A significant achievement that is only practical because of our singular focus on anesthesia.

Using this proprietary database of contracted rates paired with customized software, we cross-check every line item of every claim to be sure that it meets that hospital’s contracted rate with that specific payer. If we find a mismatch, we automatically kick it back to the payer to ensure your hospital is getting the contracted rate. As far as we know, we’re the only billing service who does this.

We kick back a lot of underpayments. That’s a lot of revenue for our clients.

Integration into Existing Systems

integrationWe work alongside your other billing resources and offer both powerful stand-alone reporting and seamless integration into your existing financial and EHR systems.

100% Focus on the Anesthesiology Department

After more than 40 years of experience, doing nothing but anesthesiology billing… we can say with confidence that it requires 100% focus. “General” billing systems will work well for 90% of the billing situations that your hospital faces… but not for anesthesiology.

If you’d like to see how much Fusion Anesthesia could add to your hospital’s bottom line, contact us for a no-obligation analysis of your past six months of anesthesia billing. We’ll show you exactly how much additional revenue we could have collected.


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