How to Evaluate Your Billing Company

A how-to guide for anesthesiologists.

It’s nearly impossible for most anesthesiologists
to evaluate the performance of their billing company.

Here’s what you need to know.

Are you leaving 5-15% of your earnings on the table?

The truth is, medical billing isn’t rocket science. But it’s not a commodity product either.

Billing and revenue
cycle management


Accounting, payroll
& tax preparation

& bill paying



Included at no additional charge

I thought my last billing service was good but Fusion Anesthesiology added an extra 10% to my take-home.

Sara Thumwrecker, MD – Grand Rapids WI

Fusion Anesthesiology has been helping Anesthesiologists increase their take-home amount for more than forty years. In addition to billing and revenue management, Fusion Anesthesia provides accounting, bill-paying, tax, and practice management services.

Michael Lattos

Jake Buss

Courtney Diderrich

Ron Mueller

Jennifer Kisting

Kathy DeKalb

We’re proud to provide billing services for over 400 anesthesiology practices nationwide.

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