Hospital anesthesia departments require specialized hospital anesthesia billing services.

Hospitals that utilize a single service for all of their billing are missing out on 5-15% of their potential revenue. Why? Because hospital systems and billers are typically optimized to maximize revenue across all departments and specialties. That’s fine for most departments, but it means the outlier requirements for certain specialists – like anesthesia – aren’t being accounted for. To truly maximize revenue, you need specialized billing experts using specialized systems to provide you with optimized services.

To truly maximize anesthesia revenue you need specialized services, provided by specialized experts, using specialized systems.

Hospital Anesthesia Billing Specialists

Maximizing anesthesia revenue starts with properly coded and billed claims. Fully trained and certified coding specialists take notes and medical records submitted by anesthesiologists and translate them into the correct codes and format that payors require.

hospital anesthesia billing - specialist

Your hospital anesthesia billing specialists should be AAPC certified and have experience and expertise that is specific to anesthesia. Anesthesia billers must consider many outliner elements to calculate claims like various modifiers, qualifying circumstances, physical status, etc. along with having a comprehensive understanding of how to calculate time for anesthesia services.

You need specialists with anesthesia billing expertise who understand how to properly code for all the complicated modifying factors, qualifying circumstances, etc.

Hospital Anesthesia Billing Systems

Just like the people involved in your anesthesia billing need to be specialized – so do the software and systems that are supporting them. Standard medical billing software is not going to have the necessary tools to maximize hospital anesthesia billing revenue.

We use a hybrid of off-the-shelf-billing systems, custom-developed software, and a proprietary database of payor contract agreements to ensure maximum appropriate billing and collections.

These optimized systems make it possible to rapidly and accurately turnaround claims and reconcile accurate payment. We typically take less than  24 hours from the reception of notes to submission of the clean claim to the payor. Claims are checked and rechecked for mistakes before they are submitted. Once initial payment is received, it’s double-checked against the payor database and if contracts and payments don’t match up, we automatically kick it back – again and again – until it is paid in full.

Our claims are checked five times. Twice by humans, once by our own automated systems, and then twice again by our clearinghouse vendor.

 hospital anesthesia billing – systems

Our billing systems integrate into your existing financial systems and complies with HIPAA standards. Even though anesthesia is uniquely hard to bill, it shouldn’t be segregated from your other departments when it comes to reporting. We provide seamless reporting that can stand alone or be integrated into your existing financial and EHR systems – so you know exactly how your anesthesia department is doing.

Hospital Anesthesia Billing Services

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