We have previously written about the specific steps you can take to secure anesthesia independence, however, securing a partner is by far the most important. The right medical billing provider will be able to support your practice to ensure you remain independent. Their insight into your practice financials and metrics allows them to provide guidance on how you can improve operations. Optimized operations increase revenue and increased revenue means more financial stability and less pressure to sell your practice.

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Fusion Anesthesia: The Medical Billing Provider You Need

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Fusion Anesthesia was created specifically to help anesthesia groups maintain their independence and successfully run their businesses. Over the last 45 years, we have expanded from an anesthesia-only billing company to a full-fledged practice management organization. Our philosophy is that every anesthesiologist ought to be free to practice medicine at the highest level, maintain an active personal life, and still flourish financially. Today, we provide our services to over 400 anesthesia providers nationwide, which allows us to be intimately familiar with the business of anesthesia and all of its quirks.

Don’t worry about running your business – we will take care of it so you can focus on providing incredible care.

Increase Revenue for Financial Stability

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Fusion Anesthesia also provides billing and revenue cycle management to give you the financial stability you want.

Our anesthesia billing process helps our clients increase their revenue by 5-15%. That’s a pretty impressive number, but it comes down to collecting complete payments every single time. Simple in concept; hard in execution.

The sad truth of the medical billing industry is that every single provider and facility has a separate contract with their various insurance payors – and it’s almost impossible (for both parties) to keep track of every contracted reimbursement rate. As a result, payors both underpay and overpay compared to their contracted amounts all the time.

Collecting maximum payments means you can increase revenue and take-home without spending more time in the OR.

Comprehensive Services to Support You

We couple our anesthesia billing with comprehensive services that help keep your practice independent including:

  • Practice management: Our practice management services allow you to focus on providing phenomenal care, instead of worrying about back-office tasks.
  • Contract negotiation support: We arm you with critical data and insightful metrics that prove your value and act as your negotiation consultants.
  • Scheduling and efficiency analysis: We create optimized schedules based on your unique requirements – whether they come from the facility or internal group agreements. We can modify schedules for maximum revenue and utilize CRNAs for “flex” coverage to ensure the best efficiency.
  • Real-time reporting: Part of our service includes the creation of custom dashboards that allow you to drill down to all aspects of your practice at the most granular level. You can easily view reimbursement rates, compare collected vs. expected revenues, determine expected cash flow for the month, explore your payor mix, and get a better understanding of how all of these things come together to impact practice revenue.
  • Business consulting: We work with over 400 anesthesia providers nationwide. This gives us a 360° view of the anesthesia market, even across different geographies. And since we have such a personal relationship with all of our providers, we have insight into exactly what different practices are doing to make independence work for them – and we can pass that expertise on to you.

Comprehensive services keep your practice running smoothly so you can focus on your patients and not have to worry about other things.

Secure Your Independence with Fusion Anesthesia

It’s not easy to hold onto your independence – and we know that. We have years of experience in the anesthesia billing and practice management market and know exactly what it takes to ensure financial security. As your partner, we can help you get that same security, so you have no pressure to sell your practice and can remain independent.

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