If you talk to most billing companies they’ll tell you that they collect the maximum amount possible for their clients. But if you talk to our clients, they’ll consistently tell you that we collect 5-15% more revenue than their previous billing companies. We have a secret nerd sauce for anesthesia billing.


Why do we collect more?

  • We specialize. All we do is anesthesiology. That means our coders know anesthesiology billing codes, regulations, and processes inside and out. This allows us to always maximize claims while ensuring that they are 100% appropriate.
  • We’re relentless. We don’t give up after just collecting the easy money. We fight to collect everything our anesthesiologists are owed.
  • We have a secret sauce.

What’s the secret sauce?

nerd sauce - sauceIt’s basically a humble database paired with proprietary software that tallies up every line item of every claim to be sure that it meets that physician’s contracted rate with that specific payer.

If things don’t match up, we automatically kick it back so that we collect every penny that our anesthesiologists are owed. And guess what? We kick back a lot of these items.

It turns out that payers frequently don’t pay their contracted amounts. Sometimes they pay a little more and sometimes they pay a little less. But guess what else? On average, most payers consistently underpay compared to their contracted amounts.

This isn’t a matter of rejected claims or coding disputes … payers are simply underpaying clean claims compared to negotiated rates. It’s hard to see because the contracts, claims, and random overpayments and underpayments create a huge volume of noise. However, our analysis over hundreds of thousands of claims is very clear.

Anesthesiologists are consistently underpaid by payers.

Most anesthesiologists (and most billing companies) are not in a position to correct every line item of every reimbursement form. So they take what they get and move on. No one wants to talk about it because even if they know about it, this sour reality makes payers and billers alike look bad. What’s more, it requires a tremendous amount of resources to combat.

We think this is outrageous.

So we set out many years ago to fix this issue for our clients. The result is a secret sauce that we’re happy to share with the rest of the industry. We load, reconcile, and maintain the fluctuating reimbursement rates for every payer, every service, and every client in our systems. Any deviations are automatically flagged and marked for correction.

Why would we share our secret sauce?

Like most things in life, it’s easy to say you do something but it’s much harder to effectively execute on it. As far as we know, we’re the only people in the industry who consistently spend the resources to provide this level of attention to every payment. And the economics of the billing industry mean that it’s unlikely that our competitors will follow our lead on this. Our secret nerd sauce for anesthesia billing will drastically increase your revenue.

nerd sauce - review

Go ahead, ask your billing company if they compare every payment amount with every expected contracted amount at the time of payment. They’ll probably say yes. Then ask to see the line-by-line reconciliations for the past few months. If it doesn’t show that they were kicking back a big percentage of the claims for payments that didn’t meet your contracted rates, you’ve either got the most wonderful payers in the United States… or an issue with your billing company.

See any red flags? Get the facts.

If you’re at all concerned that your billing company isn’t maximizing your take-home and/or providing the service you deserve, give us a call. We’ll happily provide you with a comparative audit of six months of billing clearly showing what your current company billed and collected versus what you were contracted for and what we would have billed and collected.

Call us at 262-787-4050 or email at jbuss@fusionanesthesia.com for a no-obligation 6-month comparative analysis.

Find out if we can increase your take-home by 5-15%.

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