In the more than 40 years of providing billing and accounting services to anesthesiologists, we have seen many aspects of the business change. Technologies have evolved, ICD and tax codes have gotten more complex and obscure, and regulations on the practice of medicine have become more unwieldy.

However, the basics of the business have remained unchanged. We provide the back-office billing, collections, and administrative functions that allow independent anesthesiologist practices and hospitals to thrive.

Our business involves a lot of hard, detail-oriented, and not especially glamorous work. We take great pride in getting it right.

Wherever possible, we utilize technology and fixed procedures to speed up processing and minimize errors. However, we believe that there’s no substitute for human expertise, persistence, and dedication. We put these qualities at the heart of our business.

Our customers trust us with the financial viability of their businesses. We work diligently to be sure that we never let them down.

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