Does the idea of physician contract negotiations make you want to grit your teeth? Are tedious contract negotiations not why you went to medical school? Find a partner who can do the hard work and represent you in your negotiations. A good billing company should be able to provide you with metrics and data that prove your value and point the way to a win-win contract.

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We’re on Your Side: Fusion Anesthesia

At Fusion Anesthesia, we understand how important contract negotiations are to your practice and personal finances. We know exactly what it takes to have favorable contract negotiations with payors and facilities. We arm you with data, insights, and metrics to ensure that you get the best contract for you and your practice. We’ll even sit next to you at the negotiating table.

Fusion Aesthesia can provide you with the competitive edge you need for negotiating:

  • Insurance/payor contracts: With our 45 years of experience, we understand anesthesia contracts better than insurance payors themselves. Since we serve over 400 anesthesiologists across the country, we have comprehensive knowledge of the anesthesia landscape at both the national and regional levels. Allowing us to represent your practice at the negotiation table will greatly improve the outcome.
  • Hospital/facility contracts: We know it can be overwhelming to meet with hospital decision-makers, especially when they are presenting statistics that seem to justify whatever contract elements they are looking for. Our practice management team provides both sides of the table with critical metrics. This provides additional insights that expand negotiations from hostile interactions to a mutually beneficial exploration of options. Our goal with facility negotiations is for you to sign the dotted line on an agreement that ensures your financial needs are met, while also helping to improve hospital goals.
  • Stipend/subsidy agreements: By combining historical data, future projections, and industry averages, we can create a stipend formulary that will adequately compensate your group and provide tangible benefits to the hospital. How is this possible? We try to promote an adaptive mindset across the negotiating table that allows both sides to recognize issues and opportunities for improvement. This can range from bettering relationships with surgeons, to improving facility coverage requirements, to recognizing changes in the case mix. The only way to get the hospital to compensate you for lost income due to inefficiencies in their operations is to prove the impact these issues have through tedious data modeling. (Don’t worry – we do it all for you.)

Physician Contract Negotiation is Just One Part of the Puzzle

Contracts are just one component of your practice finances – but they are the base that influences everything else. To truly maximize revenue, you must optimize operations across your practice. This includes:

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