Good reporting is a necessity.

Total transparency and actionable intelligence.

Get the data you need, when you need it

We provide this through high-level dashboards that allow you to drill down to even the most granular details of your business. Reporting and analytics for standard queries are built-in and custom reports are available as needed.

Easy month/month and year/year comparisons

View the entire business or zoom in on just a single payer or provider

Quickly compare statistics between payers or providers

Customized reporting such as individual provider compensation calculations can be developed as required

Customized Dashboards:

Reimbursement rates
Expected cash flow for the month
Collected vs. expected
Payer mix

Custom data feeds such as scheduling information, operating room utilization rates, and provider comparison data.

Integration with Hospital IT Systems

We provide a seamless integration into hospital financial and EHR systems while working alongside existing billing resources.

Data Drives Action

Fusion Anesthesia staff are the biggest consumers of our own reporting information. We constantly utilize it to proactively identify payment bottlenecks, slow payers, changes in the payer mix (such as a sudden increase in lower-reimbursing Medicare patients), and other financial trends that require prompt action. We believe the data exists to drive action.

Our reporting goal is to provide not just information but insight.

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