How is the new tax bill going to impact anesthesiologists?

Everything you need to know.

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This on-demand webinar will answer your most pressing questions including:

  • How will these tax changes affect me?
  • Can I change my service corporation to an S-corp to take advantage of the pass through company tax breaks?
  • How is the limited state tax deduction going to affect my taxes due?
  • Should I itemize or take the standard deduction?
  • Do any of the corporate changes affect what I can deduct from my service corporation?

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Fusion Anesthesia has been helping Anesthesiologists increase their take-home pay for more than forty years. In addition to billing and revenue cycle management, Fusion Anesthesia provides accounting, bill-paying, tax, and practice management services to over 400 anesthesiologists nation-wide.

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Watch our Webinar – The New Tax Bill and Anesthesiologists

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