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For 50 years, Fusion Anesthesia Solutions has provided  comprehensive anesthesia billing and practice management to hospital anesthesiology departments and anesthesiology groups nationwide. Our suite of anesthesia medical billing company services includes:

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Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

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Financial Services

Anesthesia Business Consulting

Tax Services

Technology and Reporting

Experience The Fusion Difference

Anesthesia Is All We Do

The team at Fusion Anesthesia has been serving anesthesia providers only for 50 years. Billing for anesthesia hospital medical service is highly nuanced and requires far more than sending claims and receiving payment. All of our coders are CANPC certified and our tenured staff is trained on all of the nuances required for accurate and compliant coding to secure maximum reimbursement for the services you provide.

Customized Technology and Processes 

Fusion Anesthesia utilizes an anesthesia specific billing platform for hospitals and has developed a proprietary tool, CogitoAnalytics, that syncs with our billing platform daily. CogitoAnalytics presents billing data in a comprehensive format to support to aid our clients in making financial decisions regarding their practice.


We Are Dedicated To Your Success

Our company mission is to collect every dollar you are due for the anesthesia medical billing services you provide. On average, we increase revenue by as much as 10% for clients switching from a competitor.

Hospital Anesthesiology Billing & Revenue Cycle Services

Private Practice Anesthesia Billing & Revenue Cycle Services

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