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For almost 50 years, Fusion Anesthesia Solutions has offered turn-key anesthesia billing and hospital anesthesia revenue cycle services that supports both your finance team and your anesthesia clinicians with value-added services.

100% Case Reconciliation

Fusion Anesthesia Solutions has developed and perfected processes to ensure cases for all anesthetizing locations are captured, including those often missed non-OR procedures such as arterial lines and blocks. We collaborate with your IT staff on a prescribed data feed and manifest to receive anesthesia data electronically. It is estimated that millions of dollars are lost by hospitals each year on uncaptured anesthesia charges.

Anesthesia Specific Billing Platform Ensures Compliance

Fusion Anesthesia Solutions utilizes an anesthesia specific billing platform to address the nuances of anesthesia billing.  Our platform is designed to take the guess work out of assigning appropriate modifiers, such as those associated with concurrency and/or qualifying circumstances, along with compliance assurance and a 98% clean claims rate.

Our multi-layered review process ensures that every document received is scrutinized prior to claim submission. In addition, Fusion Anesthesia Solutions has a rigorous internal auditing process, specific to anesthesia, to make certain our staff is meeting quality and compliance standards. Anesthesia has been a target of Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC) audits, many of which have been triggered by inaccurate reporting of start and stop times as well as inappropriate use of modifiers.

Anesthesia Specific Reporting and Analytics

CogitoAnalytics is Fusion Anesthesia Solutions’ proprietary tool, providing hospital finance and anesthesia clinicians with 24/7 access to the data by location including staff modeling ace teams are easily able to view anesthesia revenue by location, inpatient vs outpatient, by payer, by surgeon and much more. CogitoAnalytics allows for user based roles so designated clinicians have the ability to view data on volume by location, provider and more. Our staff analysis module allows both teams to work together to identify locations or times of day that may be over/understaffed as well as OR utilization.

Annual Documentation Review & Provider Education

Our multi-layer review process promotes regular communication with providers to ensure they  are aware of and correct any potential clinical documentation issues. While Fusion Anesthesia Solutions addresses potential documentation issues as they arise, these issues are recorded and serve as the foundation for our annual provider documentation training. During our annual review, anesthesia clinicians are educated on any potential documentation changes or issues that create compliance concerns or affect reimbursement. We also serve as a sounding board for providers that have questions at any time regarding documentation.

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Hospital Anesthesia Revenue Cycle Management Services

The Fusion Anesthesia Revenue Cycle Difference:

  • Anesthesia billing and revenue cycle services are all we do.
  • We review current fee schedules and assist clients in establishing rates that are consistent with current industry standards.
  • 100% Concurrency Analysis to ensure billing compliance
  • We provide value-added services such as annual provider documentation education and customized reporting.
  • We’ve never lost a client due to performance issues

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With almost 50 years of anesthesia specific expertise, Fusion Anesthesia Solutions provides full spectrum hospital anesthesia revenue cycle management services. We offer a turn-key solution that bridges the gap between hospital administration and anesthesia providers. On the finance side, we ensure every single billable anesthesia service is captured and compliantly coded by certified CANPC coders. We provide reporting customized to your facility along with complete transparency into your billing data via 24/7 access to our data and analytics platform, CogitoAnalytics. Additionally, our reporting gives valuable insight into utilization data that assists with OR staffing. For anesthesia clinicians, we generate immediate feedback regarding documentation or concurrency issues that could delay claims, as well as annual provider education to ensure your anesthesia staff are educated on any industry changes or documentation requirements that could affect reimbursement.

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