Customer Service is the most important metric in anesthesia billing

Why Customer Service is the Most Important Metric in Anesthesia Billing

Since our founding in 1974, we have seen many changes throughout the anesthesia billing world. The evolution of technology, mergers and acquisitions of hospitals and groups,  tax modifications, billing practice changes, and more. However, in the past 47 years, one … Continue reading

Perioperative Surgical Home – What it looks like for Anesthesiologists in 2021.

Perioperative Surgical Home – What it looks like for Anesthesiologists in 2021.  What is the Perioperative Surgical Home? The American Society of Anesthesiologists explains the Perioperative Surgical Home model where the patient’s experience of care is coordinated by a physician-led, … Continue reading

Anesthesia Billing IQ Test

As an exercise to test your Anesthesia Billing IQ – Let’s walk with Anesthesiologist Bob as he decides which company to use for his billing. Anesthesiologist Bob expects $1,000 for a case he performed. Billing Company A charges 3%. Billing … Continue reading

CMS Anesthesia Guidelines for 2021

What are the CMS Anesthesia Guidelines for 2021? Chapter II of the National Correct Coding Initiative Policy Manual for Medicare Services goes over the CMS Anesthesia Guidelines for 2021. We’ve provided the CMS Anesthesia Guidelines for 2021 below – From the … Continue reading

3 Frequently Asked Questions – Cheat Sheet for Anesthesia Billing

Question: Does it matter if I use an anesthesia specific billing company or a general medical billing company? Answer: Yes. Here is the difference: General medical billing companies are built to generally maximize revenue across all departments. In general, this … Continue reading

When is the Right Time to Switch Anesthesia Billing Companies?

Ensuring that you are partnered with the right anesthesia billing company is imperative for the future of your anesthesia practice. If you are not with the right company, you need to switch anesthesia billing companies. If you are here reading … Continue reading

anesthesia coding - procedure

The Future of Anesthesia – What to Expect in Anesthesiology in 2021

The Future of Anesthesia – What to expect in Anesthesiology This year has been full of unknowns. With the COVID-19 pandemic, national shutdowns, changes in taxes, potential stimulus packages, elections, and a constantly changing healthcare system, the year 2020 has … Continue reading

Anesthesia Billing vs General Medical Billing in a Hospital

General Medical Billing vs Anesthesiology Billing in the Hospital

Hospitals nationwide are experiencing changes throughout their entire infrastructure and procedures. With new safety protocols, practice management changes, regulation rules, new billing methods and ever-changing tax laws, hospitals are experiencing a lot of uncertainty and pressure. On top of that, … Continue reading

Accounting, Taxes, & Payroll | Financial Services for Anesthesiologists

Anesthesiologists: 5 Steps to Remain Independent in a World of Constant Consolidation

In the current healthcare environment, it seems every-other news article announces a new consolidation or group buyout. When peers and other groups are succumbing to buyouts or agreeing to consolidation, it can feel like an uphill battle to hold onto … Continue reading

Terms of use | Fusion Anesthesia - Brookfield, WI | Anesthesia Billing

How to Pick the Right Anesthesia Billing Solution for Your Practice

Whether you are an independent anesthesiologist group or in charge of hospital revenue, picking the right billing company is critical to maximizing revenue. While there are many anesthesia billing companies out there, not all are created equal. We have separated … Continue reading

anesthesia independent contractor agreement - header

Prepare for Contract Negotiations: Anesthesia Independent Contractor Agreement

Here is what you need to do to properly prepare for your negotiations meetings to get the best anesthesia independent contractor agreement. Continue reading

How to Pick the Best Anesthesia Billing Solutions for Your Practice

Finding the right anesthesia billing solutions for your practice requires a lot of consideration and research. It’s important you take the time to vet every biller you’re considering to make sure they are providing the services you need to run … Continue reading


Ambulatory Surgery Center Definition | What are Ambulatory Surgery Centers?

Ambulatory surgery centers provide anesthesiologists with another facility option to work with. Here’s what you need to know before joining an ambulatory surgery center. Continue reading

What Medical Billing is Best for Your Anesthesia Practice?

There numerous types of medical billing companies available – but which is best for your practice and how do you find the right one? Continue reading

anesthesia billing consulting - header

What’s the Right Anesthesia Billing Consulting Services for You?

Picking the right anesthesia billing consulting services is key to maximizing revenue and running a successful practice. Here is how you find the right anesthesia billing consulting company for you. Continue reading

physician contract negotiation - header

Physician Contract Negotiation: Partnering for Anesthesia Contracts

Physician contract negotiations are a critical part of ensuring maximum take home. Learn why you should find a partner to help you through this process. Continue reading

Anesthesia Contract Template Exploring Specific Contract Element

Anesthesiologists must negotiate contracts with both payors and facilities. Here is a basic anesthesia contract template that you can use to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your group. Continue reading

Anesthesia Contract Terminology | Physician Employment Contract

There is a lot of legal jargon included in physician employment contracts that is also included in anesthesia contracts. To ensure effective negotiations, it’s important to have a basic understanding of some key terms and elements you should look for … Continue reading

Current Topics in Anesthesia: How COVID-19 is Impacting Anesthesia

COVID-19 is impacting every facet of healthcare across the globe. From resource shifts to hourly protocol changes, this is a turbulent time. While you remain active in facilities, we are here to provide you with the planning and financial data … Continue reading

anesthesia fee schedule - meeting.jpg

Anesthesia Fee Schedule: The Importance of Contract Negotiations

Your anesthesia fee schedule can have the biggest impact on your take-home – and it all starts with your contract. See why it is so important to negotiate. Continue reading

anesthesia contract negotiations - anesthesia contracts - header

Anesthesia Contracts: How to Improve Anesthesia Contract Negotiations

Anesthesia contracts are the main factor that impacts how much you get paid. See how to improve your anesthesia contract negotiations to increase revenue. Continue reading

anesthesia CME 2020 - header

Anesthesia CME 2020: Complete Your CME Requirements

Still figuring out how you’re going to meet your CME requirements? Check out this list of anesthesia CME 2020 courses. Continue reading

anesthesia seminars 2020 - anesthesia seminars - header

Anesthesia Seminars 2020: Simulations and Seminars

The new year is upon us – now is a great time to determine which seminars and simulation courses you will be attending to complete your CME requirements. If you’re looking for other ways to complete your CME requirements: Check … Continue reading

Insourcing vs Outsourcing Anesthesia Billing

It may seem simple to set up your own anesthesia medical billing and coding team, but outsourcing is often a better option. Here are the pros and cons to insourcing vs. outsourcing anesthesia billing. Continue reading

Anesthesia Compliance: How 2020 MPFS will Impact Anesthesiologists

CMS has provided insight into how some anesthesia compliance regulations will be changing. Here is a glimpse into the 2020 MPFS and QPP changes coming. Continue reading


Anesthesiologist Billing Services: What to Look for in an Anesthesia Biller

Finding the right anesthesiologist billing services could help you increase your take-home by 5-15%. Here’s what to look for in an anesthesia biller. Continue reading

anesthesia conferences 2020 - header

Anesthesia Conferences 2020: Plan for the New Year

Plan our which CME courses you are going to take in the new year! Here is our roundup of anesthesia conferences 2020. Continue reading

medical billing provider - header

Why the Right Medical Billing Provider Helps to Secure Your Anesthesia Independence

The right medical billing provider gives you the support you need to hold onto your anesthesia independence and avoid the pressures of succumbing to a buyout. Continue reading

anesthesia independence - anesthesia practice operations - header

Securing Anesthesia Independence with Improved Anesthesia Practice Operations

Improving your anesthesia practice operations is the best way to secure your anesthesia independence. Here is what you should look into. Continue reading

best anesthesia billing company - header

Finding the Best Anesthesia Billing Company: Not All Billing Partners Are Equal

Not all billing partners are equal, here’s what you need to look for to find the best anesthesia billing company. Continue reading

independent anesthesia - header

Why You Should Hold onto Your Independent Anesthesia Practice

Holding onto your independence as an anesthesiologist is not easy – but here is why we think you should take steps to secure your independent anesthesia practice. Continue reading

Anesthesia Solutions: Anesthesia Practice Management Solutions

Anesthesia practice management solutions allow you to focus on providing incredible patient care instead of back-office tasks. Continue reading

medical strategic planning - anesthesia practice strategic plan - header

Medical Strategic Planning: Creating an Anesthesia Practice Strategic Plan

Creating an anesthesia practice strategic plan is slightly different than other types of medical strategic planning. Here is what you need to know. Continue reading

Anesthesia Medicare Programs: QPP 2020 Updates

Anesthesia Medicare programs are constantly changing. Here’s are the latest updates for quality payment programs in 2020 (QPP 2020). Continue reading

anesthesia independence - independent anesthesia practice - header

Steps to Securing Anesthesia Independence

Holding onto your independent anesthesia practice is challenging in the current healthcare market. Here are the steps you can take to secure your anesthesia practice independence. Continue reading

anesthesia management services - anesthesia practice management - header

What to Look for When Choosing Anesthesia Management Services

Comprehensive anesthesia management services help you optimize operations and increase revenue. Here’s what you should look for. Continue reading

healthcare environment - header

Understanding the Anesthesia Healthcare Environment

The current healthcare environment is changing at a rapid pace. Here’s what you need to know about how it is impacting anesthesiology. Continue reading


The Future of Anesthesiology: What Anesthesia Providers Can Expect?

Where do you see yourself five years from now? We often hear this question during interviews, but it seems cliché to ask an independent anesthesia provider who most likely plans on continuing to run their practice or retire. However, as … Continue reading

Anesthesia Billing: Fixed-Price Billing Model for Regional Hospitals

Discover how our new fixed-pricing model allows regional hospitals to get the anesthesia billing expertise required to increase anesthesia revenue. Continue reading

anesthesia revenue cycle management - anesthesia RCM - header

Anesthesia Revenue Cycle Management: Improve Anesthesia RCM Processes

Anesthesia revenue cycle management (RCM) processes are critical to your cash flow. Here are 6 things you can do to improve anesthesia RCM. Continue reading

independence anesthesia - header

Independent Anesthesia Practice: How to Hold onto Your Independence

Independent anesthesia practices are becoming increasingly rare as healthcare continues to consolidate. Here’s how you can remain independent. Continue reading

payor mix - header

Payor Mix: Why it Matters for Your Anesthesia Practice

The payor mix in your anesthesia practices has a direct impact on your take-home. Here’s everything you need to consider. Continue reading

billing anesthesia - anesthesia billing company - header

Billing Anesthesia: It’s Harder Than It Seems

Billing anesthesia is harder than other specialties. Here’s what you should be looking for from your billing company to ensure you’re maximizing revenue. Continue reading

surprise billing - anesthesia medical billing - header

Surprise Anesthesia Medical Billing: Understanding the New Surprise Billing Legislation

Surprise billing is a hot-button topic in healthcare. Here’s what anesthesiologists need to know about the proposed surprise medical billing legislation. Continue reading

anesthesia coding - header

Anesthesia Documentation: Maximize Revenue with Proper Documentation

Anesthesia documentation and billing is extremely complicated. Proper documentation is required to properly code claims and ensure maximum reimbursement. Continue reading

hospital anesthesia billing - hospital billing process - header

Hospital Anesthesia Billing: Hospital Billing Process

The hospital billing process is not simple, especially when it comes to hospital anesthesia billing. Explore how to maximize revenue through reconciliation. Continue reading

hospital anesthesia billing – header

Hospital Anesthesia Billing: You Need Specialized Services

Hospital anesthesia billing requires specialized people, systems, and services to maximize revenue. Explore how you can increase revenue in your anesthesia department. Continue reading

anesthesia group practice - header

Independent Anesthesia Group Practice

Independent anesthesia group practices face challenges as they continue to get gobbled up by national organizations. Here’s how you can remain independent. Continue reading

CRNA billing – billing for CRNA services – header

CRNA Billing: How to Maximize Revenue

A dirty secret of the medical billing industry is that they underpay – most of the time. Here’s how you can maximize revenue with robust CRNA billing processes. Continue reading

accountant working on desk using calculator for calculate finance report in office

CRNA Billing: Submitting a Clean Claim and Reconciliation

Submitting a clean claim and rigorous reconciliation are the first steps towards increasing revenue for CRNA billing. Here’s how it should be done. Continue reading

CRNA billing - billing for CRNA services - header

CRNA Billing: Here’s What You Need to Know About Billing for CRNA Services

Billing for CRNA services should be easy but without the right billing company you could be missing out on revenue. Here’s what you need to know about CRNA billing. Continue reading

Teenager and blackboard

Anesthesia Quality Reporting: The Financial Reality

The financial reality is that Medicare is the primary payer requesting practices to implement anesthesia quality reporting – does that mean you should do it? Continue reading

Perioperative Surgical Home: What is the Perioperative Surgical Home Model?

The Perioperative Surgical Home is a new type of care model – but what exactly is it how does it impact you as an anesthesiologist? Continue reading

anesthesia practice - outsource anesthesia billing - header

Insource or Outsource Anesthesia Billing: Anesthesia Billing Part 2

Let us help you decide if you should insource or outsource your anesthesia billing in part 2 of our starting an anesthesia practice series. Continue reading

hospital contract negotiation - anesthesia contracts - header

Anesthesia Payor Contracts: What Hospitals Need to Know

Hospitals need to keep their anesthesia contracts with payors competitive. Here’s how to maximize hospital revenues with anesthesia payor contract negotiation. Continue reading

Understanding Key Anesthesia Metrics | The Impact of Payor Mix

Want to understand payor mix and other anesthesia metrics? Learn how to manage the impact of payor mix for better practice profitability. Continue reading

Understanding Key Anesthesia Metrics | Anesthesia Staff and Operating Room Efficiency

Explore how staff utilization impacts on operating room efficiency and anesthesia practice profitability. Continue reading

Understanding Key Anesthesia Metrics | Anesthesia Concurrency: How CRNAs Factor In

Explore how anesthesia concurrency can impact your practice’s profitability. Continue reading

Understanding Key Anesthesia Metrics | Negotiating Anesthesia Contracts: Private Rates

Want to learn how to better negotiate anesthesia contracts? Learn how to ensure your anesthesia contracts are competitive Continue reading

Understanding Anesthesia Metrics | Improving Anesthesia Group Profitability

Understanding and managing these five critical anesthesia metrics is the key to improving anesthesia group profitability. Continue reading

Anesthesia Quality Reporting: Understanding MIPS vs APM

MIPS vs APM – which anesthesia quality program is better? Understand the base programs to determine if anesthesia quality reporting is right for your practice. Continue reading

Anesthesia Quality Reporting: Considering Hospital Relations

As you are considering whether or not you should implement anesthesia quality reporting in your practice – don’t forget about hospital relations. Continue reading

Anesthesia Quality Reporting: Everything You Need to Know

Anesthesia quality reporting is supposed to measure for clinical improvement but has faced challenges. So, should your practice make the investment? Continue reading

Anesthesiologist Taxes: End-of-Year Tax Bill Updates

The end of the year is upon us, so it is time to start thinking about how the 2018 tax bill will impact your taxes next year. Here’s our round-up of the end-of-year tax bill updates for anesthesiologist taxes. Continue reading

Anesthesia Seminars 2019: Anesthesia Seminars, Simulations, and Certification Programs

The year is wrapping up so it’s time to start figuring out what anesthesiology events you’re planning on attending next year. Here’s a round-up of all the anesthesia seminars we are eyeing in 2019. Continue reading


Anesthesia Conferences 2019

The year is wrapping up so it’s time to start figuring out what anesthesiology events you’re planning on attending next year. Here’s a round-up of all the anesthesia conferences we are eyeing in 2019. Continue reading

Anesthesia Billing: Medical Billing Analysis Process

Anesthesia billing is hard, to show you where you could and should be saving money we complete a comprehensive medical billing analysis process. Continue reading

Anesthesia Billing Consultants | Anesthesia Billing Consulting Services

Anesthesia billing consultants that take a comprehensive and holistic approach to anesthesia billing improve efficiency and increase take-home. Continue reading

Anesthesia Billing Companies | How to Pick the Right Anesthesia Billing Company

How to pick the right anesthesia billing company for both independent physicians and hospital anesthesia departments. Continue reading

Need a Laugh? Anesthesiologist and Anesthesia Jokes

Looking for a laugh? Trying to get your colleague to crack a smile? Check out our anesthesia joke generator. Continue reading

Physicians Accounting is Now Fusion Anesthesia Solutions

Physician’s Accounting has become Fusion Anesthesia Solutions. Same great service, same great team, just under a new name. Continue reading

The Best Anesthesia Billing Services Increase Hospital Revenue

Anesthesia billing is extremely complicated, but if you use the best anesthesia billing services you can easily increase hospital revenue in your anesthesia department. Continue reading

The Best Anesthesia Billing Services Increase Take Home

Anesthesia billing is hard, but with the best anesthesia billing services you can increase your take home by 5-15%. Understand what you should be looking for to find the best anesthesia billing services that improve client take home. Continue reading

Doctor working at his office with digital tablet

Anesthesia Revenue Management: What would extra revenue mean for your practice?

Anesthesia revenue management and billing service: What would a 5-15% increase in revenue mean for your organization? Continue reading

How Anesthesiologists Lose Money by Saving Money

Anesthesiologists that select their billing company based on the lowest cost may actually be losing more money in the long run. Learn how you are actually losing money while trying to save. Continue reading

Tax forms, calculator, glasses and pen

How the New Tax Bill Will Impact Anesthesiologists’ Personal Taxes

The new tax bill significantly impacts high-earning professions like anesthesiologists. Here is everything you need to know about your personal taxes. Continue reading

Man working on taxes

How the New Tax Bill Impacts Anesthesiologists’ Business Taxes

Understanding what matters in the new tax bill 600-page document is daunting – so we made it simple for you. Here is everything you need to know about your business taxes. Continue reading

Baseball catch

Anesthesia Billing | Anesthesia Modifiers: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Anesthesia modifiers entitle you to extra income on difficult or unusual cases. A specialized biller like Fusion Anesthesia can ensure every appropriate modifier is present on your claims so you receive the full compensation you’re entitled to. Continue reading

Scheduler and computer on desk

Optimizing Anesthesiologist Schedules: The Essential Data You Need to Know

Fusion Anesthesia’s data-rich, guided analytic tools allow your independent anesthesia practice to fully optimize its scheduling, boost take-home revenue, and decrease provider downtime. Continue reading

Man working at desk

Increasing Hospital Anesthesia Revenue

Increasing hospital anesthesia revenue is critical for hospitals facing decreasing revenue numbers. Find out how specialized billing can help increase anesthesia revenues. Continue reading

Anesthesia Practice | Part 1: Setting Up Your Anesthesia Practice

Starting a medical practice is complicated, and in certain specialties, it can be hard figuring out where to start. Here is what you need to know to start your anesthesia practice. Continue reading

Completing forms

Upcoming Webinar: How the New Tax Bill Will Impact Anesthesiologists

The new tax bill is generating a lot of buzz. Register for our upcoming webinar to learn how the new tax bill will impact anesthesiologists. Continue reading

Commodities - wheat, oil, coins, water, metal

Anesthesia Billing is Not a Commodity

Anesthesia billing is not a commodity. Learn why anesthesiologists need an anesthesia billing company with experience and expertise. Continue reading

Man in suit gesturing

Negotiating with Hospitals: How Anesthesiologists Can Get the Best Deal

As a member of an independent anesthesiology group, negotiating your next contract requires building relationships within your hospital, creating and organizing performance and quality data, and even engaging in a little self-promotion. Continue reading

Anesthesia Billing: Revenue Cycle Management Services

Revenue cycle management is a central component of anesthesia billing. Learn about how our comprehensive revenue cycle management services can help you increase your take home. Continue reading

Accounting for Anesthesiologists | End of Year Accounting: Here’s What You Need to Prepare

The end of the year is quickly approaching; here is everything your accountant needs from you. Continue reading

accounting paperwork

Anesthesia Billing: Not as Easy as It Should Be

Anesthesia billing and revenue management should be easy, but unfortunately it requires complex systems and dedication to actually collect everything a doctor is owed. Continue reading

medical claim form with glasses and calculator

Anesthesia Billing Services: We Advocate for You

Fusion Anesthesia’s anesthesia billing services offer a best-in-class solution for anesthesiology billing. Our proprietary billing system, tenacious staff and over 40 years of specializing in anesthesiology are uniquely suited to maximize revenue for our clients. Continue reading

White wolf in the woods

Anesthesia Practice Management: Anesthesiologists Are “Lone Wolves” No More

Fusion Anesthesia practice management tools provide you with in-depth data that not only give you a competitive edge during contract negotiations, but can help your hospital improve efficiency and patient care. Continue reading

Anesthesia Billing Consultants: Getting You More of the Money You Earned

Most anesthesia billing consultants allow payers to underpay claims and do little to recoup the extra money. This article explains how Fusion Anesthesia’s experienced staff and proprietary billing system routinely collect 5-15% more money compared to other billing consultants. Continue reading

Accountants for Anesthesiology: Specialized Accounting Services

With over 40 years’ experience serving only anesthesiologists, Physicians Accounting’s specialized knowledge of anesthesiology-specific issues ensures their clients keep more of their hard-earned money. Continue reading

Graph and stacks of coins showing growth

Anesthesiologist Salaries: Receive Your Full Compensation

How can anesthesiologists get more for the work they do every day? See how salary changes and better processes can increase your take-home. Continue reading

Anesthesiology Accounting | Accountants for Anesthesiology

Anesthesiology accounting: Discover why we are the most successful accountants for anesthesiology in the United States. Continue reading


Accounts Receivable Medical Billing: The Myth of 30 Days

There are many myths about accounts receivable in medical billing. Low numbers of days in accounts receivable is not always a good thing. Continue reading

Runners Passing the Relay Baton

Changing Anesthesia Billing Services

Changing anesthesia billing services can be an important step for increasing take-home pay. Here’s how to make the transition go smoothly. Continue reading

Our Secret Nerd Sauce for Anesthesia Billing

Many anesthesiologist billing providers promise a lot, but don’t end up delivering. Learn our secret way that we get anesthesiologists every penny they are owed. Continue reading

Anesthesiology Billing: Why We Never Lose a Client

We are experts in collecting every penny you have earned as an anesthesiologist. Learn how our anesthesiology billing practices have helped us keep every single one of our clients for over 40 years. Continue reading

Business people sitting at a table working together

Anesthesia Practice Management

Anesthesia practice management companies are not all the same. We provide anesthesia practice management as part of our full-service Anesthesia consulting. Continue reading

magnifying glass and colorful file folders

Anesthesiologist Billing: How to Maximize Revenue

Anesthesiologist billing is not as straightforward as some companies would have you believe. Anesthesiologist billing companies need automation, specialized tools, and lots of hard work to maximize revenue for anesthesiologists. See how it’s done. Continue reading

stacks of coins

Top 5 Signs You Need To Change Anesthesiology Billing Providers

It’s hard to know when to change anesthesiology billing companies. Here are the Top 5 signs that it may be time for a change in your anesthesiology billing. Continue reading

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