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What Makes Our Anesthesia Billing and Practice Management Different

Anesthesia Billing is Our Only Specialty

Billing for anesthesia services is quite complex. Our staff is trained to manage those complexities and ensure every anesthesia billing claim is coded to the maximum level of specificity and billed compliantly.

Comprehensive Suite of Services

In addition to anesthesia billing, we provide a full suite of practice management services for your anesthesia practice. We offer everything from accounts payable to tax services and everything in between.

We are Committed to Service

Everything we do is with the client in mind. This commitment is demonstrated by the fact that we have never lost a client for performance reasons. We service hospital anesthesia departments and independent anesthesia provider groups.

Transparency Through Technology

We are so confident in our people and processes that we give our clients 24/7 access to patient and claim level detail through our proprietary anesthesia billing reporting platform, CogitoAnalytics.

Transparent Performance: 

Not partnering with the correct anesthesia billing company will significantly impact the revenue of your anesthesia practice. At Fusion Anesthesia Solutions we believe 100% transparency in anesthesia billing is the first step in building a trusted partnership.

We accomplish this through:

  • Our refined and perfected anesthesia billing process that results in capturing maximum revenue for our clients.
  • Our Focus on Net Collection Ratio
  • Our Client Services – Ensuring that every client has an outstanding anesthesia billing experience with Fusion Anesthesia Solutions
  • Our technology platform that streamlines processes, expedites performance and improves the overall client experience.


We Aren’t Your Average Anesthesia Billing Company 

The Fusion Anesthesia Billing Difference:

  • Anesthesia Billing and Practice Management is all we do
  • We reconcile every payment with contract terms line by line. Payors systemically underpay. We catch them when other anesthesia billing companies don’t.
  • Highest Net Collection Percentage in the industry, collecting every dollar your practice is due. 
  • Proprietary Anesthesia Billing Reporting platform –  dashboard with statements and the data to show you exactly where your money is
  • Value-added services, including a full spectrum of anesthesia practice management services. 
  • We’ve never lost a client due to performance issues

WhitePaper: How To Evaluate Your Current Anesthesia Billing Company 

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