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Why we’re so effective at Anesthesia Billing


All we do is anesthesia billing and practice management. That means our coders know anesthesia billing codes, regulations, and processes inside and out. This allows us to always maximize claims while ensuring that they are 100% appropriate.

We’re relentless.

We don’t give up after collecting the easy money. We fight to collect everything our anesthesiologists are owed.

We have a secret sauce.

We call it our secret nerd sauce but it’s not really a secret. It’s an automated reconciliation system that matches actual payments with contracted amounts. It’s surprisingly powerful and you’d think your current anesthesia billing service would have something similar… but they don’t.

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Why we’re better than other anesthesia billing companies


Fusion Anesthesia

In-House Billing Department

Regional General Anesthesia Billing Company

National General Anesthesia Billing Company

National Specialty Anesthesia Billing Company

Dedicated to anesthesia billing

Reconcile every payment with contract terms line by line*

Ongoing technology and educational investment

Value-added services**

Care enough about your business to give you the CEO’s cell phone

* Payors systemically underpay. We catch them when other anesthesia billing companies don’t.

** Our value-added services include contract negotiation, quality reporting, practice management and more.

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