Fusion Anesthesia provides our clients with in-depth data and a competitive edge during contract negotiation. The best part? There’s no additional charge.

Insurance contract negotiation

Fusion Anesthesia understands anesthesiology contracts better than the insurance companies do. By letting us help represent your practice, you’ll greatly improve the informational odds when negotiating with the insurance companies.

We serve over 400 anesthesiologists across the country, so we thoroughly understand regional payment and competitive landscapes.

Fusion Anesthesia can help you negotiate a better contract with payers than you’d likely be able to negotiate on your own.

Hospital contract negotiation

Just like negotiating with insurance companies, anesthesiologists often feel overwhelmed when the CFO of the local hospital starts spitting out statistics that seem to justify whatever concessions they are looking for.

Fusion Anesthesia’s practice management team provides both sides of the table with new data and insights that expand negotiations from a zero-sum game to a mutually beneficial exploration of possibilities. Our goal is to negotiate your next hospital contract so that your financial needs are met and the hospital improves their metrics as well. A good deal leaves everybody happy.

Turn your hospital negotiations into a win-win with powerful data and analytics on your side.

Stipend negotiation

Fusion Anesthesia can combine historical data, future projections, and industry averages to propose an equitable stipend formulary that adequately compensates you and your group while providing tangible benefits for the hospital.

We do this by promoting an adaptive mindset that recognizes issues and opportunities that may only be on the periphery of the negotiations but have the potential to persuade previously made-up minds. This might be anything from bettering (and measuring) relationships with surgeons to on-line opportunities to engage with patients and the community.

Common issues we can help you resolve include:

  • Facility coverage requirements that leave you and your colleges underutilized (and underpaid).
  • Changes in the case mix (such as more indigent or other low-paying patients) that impact your bottom line.

The only way to get the hospital to compensate you for lost income is to prove to them the impact of these issues through lots of tedious data modeling. Luckily for our clients, we love tedious data modeling.

Contract negotiation is included as part of our practice management service offerings.

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