Rather than a tangle of voice trees or unanswered corporate emails, our clients all speak directly to management staff whenever they have a problem or question.


Michael Lattos

Mike founded Physicians Accounting in 1974, the company that inspired Fusion Anesthesia. Mike’s philosophy is that every anesthesiologist ought to be free to practice medicine at the highest levels, maintain a personal life, and still flourish financially. He continues to lead the company on a daily basis and is a familiar figure to all of our clients.


Jake Buss

With more than 20 years of experience with entrepreneurial firms throughout the Midwest, Jake has worn many hats: Director of Accounting, Director of Operations and Financial Analyst. Jake has been instrumental in streamlining business operations in order to provide the best client services possible. He is a primary contact for all client financial and business related items.


Courtney Diderrich

With more than 20 years in finance and accounting, Courtney provides leadership in our finance and accounting departments. She also leads our tax department. Courtney is a primary client contact for any business or personal finance concerns.


Ron Mueller

Ron has held management positions in operations, software engineering, manufacturing, executive positions as General Manager-Engineering, CIO, Vice President of Information Services, and CTO with industry leaders throughout the Midwest. Ron’s principle role is to provide guidance and expertise to systems implementations and business process improvements utilizing the latest technologies.


Jennifer Kisting

A 20-year veteran in anesthesia billing and coding, Jennifer leads our coding staff. She’s also involved in coordination of all compliance activities. Jennifer’s extensive background in health care revenue cycle management is key in developing regular delivery of audit and compliance results to our consulting practice. Jennifer is the primary contact for all coding and compliance related items.


Kathy DeKalb

Kathy is responsible for all revenue cycle workflows and staff. Kathy oversees day-to-day billing, collections and follow-up operations and is directly involved in payer relationships and contracting activities.


Questions about how we can improve your anesthesia billing?

Bob Varga, VP of Business DevelopmentBob brings more than 20 years of strong sales and relationship management experience to Fusion. A veteran of global asset management where he held senior leadership positions, Bob is focused on growing Fusion’s national presence. Specifically, he is dedicated to helping anesthesiologists create business efficiency and increase their capital by leveraging Fusion’s extensive tools and knowledge.
(262) 777-0110

Dan Olin, VP of Business DevelopmentDan is responsible for the expansion of Fusion Anesthesia Solutions suite of services in the Eastern territory. Dan comes to Fusion Anesthesia Solutions with a long history of helping anesthesia groups thrive in a complex healthcare environment, by providing them with high quality anesthesia focused RCM solutions. Dan’s past experience includes sales of anesthesia billing services, software, practice management, and process improvement.
(262) 777-9704

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