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American Society of Anesthesiology: Annual Meeting 2022


Anesthesia Billing Revenue Cycle Health Blog Series 

Part 1: The Impact of Write-Offs on Your Anesthesia Practice’s Financial Health

In the anesthesia billing world, there are two types of write-offs: contractual write-offs and other adjustments. Whether you’re outsourcing to a third-party billing vendor or have an in-house operation, your staff should be thoroughly educated on the types of write-offs and the policies and procedures of when and how to accurately complete one.

Part 2: The Importance of Your Anesthesia Practice’s Net Collection Ratio

There should be no variations to the net collection ratio formula.  When reviewing reports, if your anesthesia practices’ net collection ratio is quite high but the dollars collected don’t seem to add up, this could be an indication that certain write-offs are erroneously being categorized as a contractual write-off.

Part 3: Stay Tuned!

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