TAXES – What Anesthesiologists need to Know- eBook  

Anesthesia Taxes eBook 

The Tax Reform Bill - What Anesthesiologists Need to Know 2020

Learn more about taxes specifically for anesthesiologists in our Taxes for Anesthesiologists eBook

Congress passed a massive tax reform bill in December 2017. Ever since the bill was passed, we have been getting calls and emails from anxious clients wondering how the bill will affect them. We made this eBook then, and have updated it each year as new laws have been passed and other laws have expired. We have updated this eBook with the latest information on how these tax laws will be interpreted as of 2021, but there will likely be more updates. 

The complete bill runs about 600 pages. We’ve distilled what you need to know to 20 pages.

While the complete bill’s information can seem daunting and overwhelming, our Taxes for Anesthesiologists eBook interprets this information for you, and helps us answer some questions you may have such as:

How will the new laws impact your personal taxes as a high-earning individual?

How will the changes impact business taxes?

What is the best corporate structure for your practice?

Should I become an S corporation to take advantage of the pass-through deduction?

Should I become a C corporation for the lower 21% rate?

Should I be a sole proprietorship acting as a 1099 contractor?

Can I game the system by splitting my business into several companies so that my income levels qualify?

The good news – Fusion Anesthesia can help. Fusion Anesthesia is dedicated to comprehensively addressing the billing and back-office needs of anesthesiologists across the United States. We provide complete revenue cycle management services as well as accounting and practice management services as an integrated part of our billing and collections services.

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