Our proprietary tools

Want to know what’s under the hood?

Our philosophy is to automate whatever can be done faster and more accurately by machines technology  to free up our staff so they can provide you with relevant analysis, strategic insight, and customer service.

Technology is a powerful tool but we believe that the heart of our service remains human interaction.

As an example, we provide anesthesia solutions that include access to real-time dashboards so clients can see cash-flow and other key numbers at a glance via their smartphone or computers 24/7. However, our clients also have direct access to our management and often call with any questions or to discuss financial strategy.

Some clients like to check online dashboards while others prefer to pick up the phone. Either way, they get quick and comprehensive answers to their questions.

Real-time reporting

Our secure web-based reporting and dashboards provide daily updates to information relevant to your practice. Get immediate insight and drill down to whatever level of detail interests you.

Meticulous reconciliation

We maintain a proprietary contracted rates database with up-to-date information for every contract, every procedure, and every provider in our universe. Our customized reconciliation software then kicks back every single claim that doesn’t match the contracted rate even if it’s only off by a penny.

Sounds simple and boring but it isn’t. It’s our secret sauce that helps us net our clients as much as 15% more revenue than other providers.

Billing processes

Fusion Anesthesia’s systems are a hybrid of commercial billing systems, custom-developed reconciliation and reporting software, and databases… all developed and maintained specifically for anesthesia billing. It’s truly an all-in-one anesthesia solution.

Claims monitoring

Our systems track both electronic and paper claim submissions. We make sure that every claim item submitted is tracked through our clearinghouses, payers, lockbox, and banking partners. We continuously monitor the claims process outside our walls so that we can follow up as appropriate, as soon as it’s appropriate. No billing slips or payments ever get lost.


We fully integrate our anesthesia solutions systems with payers, clearinghouses, facilities, and financial institutions wherever possible to provide more efficient, faster, and more accurate payments to you.

If you’re picturing a bunch of paper billing slips and physical checks getting passed around, we have the systems in place to avoid that as much as possible to save you money and time.


We deal with both HIPAA and financial data so we take data security very seriously. We employ industry best-practices including firewalls, encryption, two-factor authentication, VPNs, and data scanning technology. Systems are monitored continuously to assess threat levels so that proactive measures can be taken to prevent unauthorized access.

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