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Did you know that most anesthesiologists collect less than they are entitled to receive for their services because the billing and collections process in America is fundamentally broken? Did you know that very few anesthesia billing companies have the expertise, commitment, or infrastructure in place to correct for this?

Did you know that you might be leaving up to 15% of collectable revenue behind? Money that you already work for, and money that you are already owed!

Did you know that most anesthesia billing companies on average only collect the “easy” 80% of revenue, and then typically write off the rest?

Too many anesthesiologists are being taken advantage of by both the impersonal behemoths of the industry and smaller “discount” billing companies. These companies bill the easy money and leave the rest— as much as 15% of the collectable total—on the table. That’s your money they’re not collecting.

The good news – Fusion Anesthesia is different. We fight to collect every penny you are owed. We can help!

We typically increase our clients’ take-home by as much as 15% just by collecting the money that they were already owed but didn’t collect.

Learn more anesthesia billing secrets in our Transparency in Anesthesia Billing eBook.

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