I recently published a blog regarding The Importance of Branding for Anesthesia Providers and when it comes to anesthesia, there are many aspects of branding that apply to hospitals as well.

Whether your anesthesia providers are employed by the hospital or in private practice, it is important to have accurate information regarding anesthesia services and those that provide them. Many hospitals do not even list anesthesia providers on their website, and even more do not have the specialty listed as an option in the “Search for a Doctor” tool.

With rising healthcare costs, patients are taking control of their medical care and potential out-of-pocket expenses. For example, if a patient is scheduled to have surgery at Hospital X and that patient wants to gather information prior to surgery, the first place they will seek out that information is on the hospital’s website. Failing to have information on the providers that will care for them during that surgery could leave the patient feeling anxious.

Below are helpful tips to ensure your hospital website is displaying accurate information regarding anesthesia services:

  1. Ensure anesthesia is listed as a selection in your provider search tool.
  2. List all anesthesia providers and their credentials, i.e., whether the provider is an MD, DO, Resident, CRNA or AA.
  3. If the anesthesia providers are employed indicate that to ensure patients understand the provider is part of the hospital or health system.
  4. If the anesthesia providers are part of a private practice, list the name of the anesthesia group along with the individual provider’s name.
  5. Have a dedicated phone number for a patient to call with questions about anesthesia whether the providers are employed or in private practice. When providers are employed, the telephone number often given is the hospital’s main line and this could cause a frustrating barrage of transfers to get to the right department.
  6. Display an explanation of anesthesia charges just as you would for any other service.
    • Briefly explain whether your providers practice solo or medically direct CRNAs, etc.
    • Indicate that the patient may receive two bills for anesthesia if the anesthesiologists and CRNAs are a separate entity and anesthesia charges are separate from hospital facility charges. Also clarify that anesthesia medication/supply charges are separate from professional fees and will appear on the facility statement.
    • If the providers are in private practice be sure to include the contact number for their billing department or vendor and a link to make an online payment if one is available.

Making sure your patients have easy access to information regarding anesthesia services at your hospital is just one more way to improve the overall patient experience.

By: Jeanette Mini

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