The Fusion Anesthesia Billing Difference

Fusion Anesthesia Solutions has been serving the anesthesia community for close to 50 years. We believe that there is no substitute for human expertise, persistence and dedication and we have made this philosophy the heart of our business. We provide full-spectrum business services, from billing to complete practice management including tax preparation, so anesthesia providers can focus on clinical care and quality of life.

What Makes Our Anesthesia Billing and Practice Management Different

Anesthesia Billing is Our Only Specialty

Billing for anesthesia services is quite complex. Our staff is trained to manage those complexities and ensure every anesthesia billing claim is coded to the maximum level of specificity and billed compliantly.

Comprehensive Suite of Services

In addition to anesthesia billing, we provide a full suite of practice management services for your anesthesia practice. We offer everything from accounts payable to tax services and everything in between.

We are Committed to Service

Everything we do is with the client in mind. This commitment is demonstrated by the fact that we have never lost a client for performance reasons. We service hospital anesthesia departments and independent anesthesia provider groups.

Transparency Through Technology

We are so confident in our people and processes that we give our clients 24/7 access to patient and claim level detail through our proprietary anesthesia billing reporting platform, CogitoAnalytics.

The Fusion Anesthesia Billing Process:

Wherever possible, Fusion Anesthesia utilizes technology and fixed procedures to speed up processing and minimize errors. At the same time, there’s no substitute for human expertise and judgment.

Our processes are therefore a hybrid of automated systems and human-directed analysis and service.

Code It Right

The correct coding of an anesthesia claim is one of the most important elements in appropriately maximizing revenue. Our staff has almost years of experience in dealing with the complexity of coding anesthesia claims.

All of our coders are AAPC certified and enter coding for every case utilizing both the billing slip and facility medical records. We understand how to evaluate surgical and pain procedures, clinical factors, and payer specifics to code every claim correctly.

In addition to ensuring that we don’t under/over-bill for services, we also have automatic checks in place to help prevent common errors such as accidental overlapping of billed time. This avoids the hassles and embarrassment that can result from mistaken improper billing.

At Fusion Anesthesia, we check claims multiple times through automated systems, humans in-house, and statistical sampling of all claims for auditing.

Submit It Fast

Our standard turnaround time is three business days from the receipt of the billing information to the submission of the claim. Timely submissions keep the cash flow smooth and, if needed, allow for us to discuss any questions with the doctor while the case is still fresh in their minds.

Claim It Right

Our systems track both electronic and paper claim submissions. We make sure that every claim item submitted is tracked through our clearinghouses, payers, lockbox, and banking partners. We continuously monitor the claims process outside our walls so that we can follow up as appropriate, as soon as it’s appropriate.

Exhaustive Follow-Up

Accuracy, diligence, and a high degree of automation in the claims preparation and submission processes yield a higher than average number of claims paid and collected correctly the first time.

However, it will surprise no one that many cases require more follow up than just cashing the check. It’s for these complex situations that Fusion Anesthesia’s specialty expertise and experience come into play.

We intimately understand any given payers’ process, benefits, payment contracts, and fee schedules. Our experienced staff understands exactly how and when to get involved to collect the maximum contracted amount for every service.

Meticulous Reconciliation

As part of our exhaustive follow-up process, we maintain a proprietary contracted rates database with up-to-date information for every payer, every procedure, and every provider in our universe. This customized reconciliation software goes through line item by line item to ensure that all payments match the correct contracted rate. If it doesn’t, we return it to the payer for correct payment. This seemingly simple process is a major factor in increasing our clients’ bottom line.

Remittance Process

Our in-house receivables staff is well trained in even the most complex payment issues from self-pay and payment plans to workers’ comp and liability claims. This high level of receivables expertise ensures the fastest and most accurate handling of remittance.


We take compliance very seriously. Claim audits for appropriate procedural and diagnosis coding are performed on a continuous basis by certified professional coding staff. Our internal controls have been established around the entire revenue cycle and are enforced to maintain compliance with Federal, State, and private payer agreements.


In almost 50 years of providing billing and accounting services to anesthesiologists, we have seen many aspects of the business change. Technologies have evolved, ICD and tax codes have gotten more complex and obscure, and regulations on the practice of medicine have become more unwieldy. However, the basics of the business have remained unchanged. We provide the accounting services, back-office billing, collections, and administrative functions that allow independent anesthesiologist practices and hospitals to thrive.

Our business involves a lot of hard, detail-oriented, and not especially glamorous work. We take great pride in getting it right. Wherever possible, we utilize technology and fixed procedures to speed up processing and minimize errors. However, we believe that there’s no substitute for human expertise, persistence, and dedication. We put these qualities at the heart of our business.

Our customers trust us with the financial viability of their businesses. We work diligently to be sure that we never let them down.

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Private Practice Anesthesia Billing & Revenue Cycle Services

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