As an anesthesiologist, you’ve earned the right to be called a specialist. Nobody can do your job but you: not a cardiologist, not a general practitioner, not a plumber.

Shouldn’t your accountants be just as specialized you are?

Fusion Anesthesia provides accounting and billing services for anesthesiology and only anesthesiology. For over 40 years, we’ve provided accounting, tax advice, bill paying, and payroll services to physicians like you across the country. We understand the unique situations inherent to anesthesiologists, their practices and their finances.

There are about 75,000 pages in the federal tax code, and we know every word that applies to anesthesiologists.

As specialized accountants for anesthesiology, we have decades of combined experience in identifying anesthesiology-specific issues and helping our clients keep more of their hard-earned income.

Below is a short list of just some of the ways we save our clients’ money that other accountants often miss. When looking at last year’s return, did your accountant do all, or any, of the following?

  • Backdoor Roth IRA contributions
  • Business deductions for long term care insurance for both the physician and spouse
  • Appropriate business structure that provides maximum tax efficiency based on the changing tax environment
  • Retirement plan considerations

If not, you may be losing a lot of cash each year without realizing it.

Intuitive, In-Depth Info at Your Fingertips

When you’re a client of Fusion Anesthesia, you don’t just see us at tax time. We provide year-round financial reporting that gives you a bird’s eye view of your practice’s financial health, including revenues, expenses and take-home pay.

You won’t need a degree in accounting to comprehend our reports. We designed them to be as intuitive as possible for people who quickly need information they can use. With our reports, you can easily see how your current year compares to previous years and what that implies for your overall income picture (and tax bill) for this year and the next.

A Senior Accountant Is Just a Phone Call Away

You know the drill: you call your accountant or your financial advisor, and you waste five minutes navigating an automated phone menu before (finally!) you reach their voicemail.

We know that situation all too well, because we’ve been there ourselves. We never want our clients to feel that frustration when they’re trying to reach us.

That’s why Fusion Anesthesia doesn’t have an automated phone menu. Most of our clients don’t even call our main number because they have our cellphones.

Regardless of which number you call, you’ll always get through to a human being who can answer your questions and handle your problems. Unlike H&R Block, which churns through millions of standard returns a year, we’re a small company with 400 loyal clients. When you call us, you’ll get a senior accountant who understands the complexities of both the tax code and running an anesthesia practice.

Complete Services with Guaranteed Accuracy

Every piece of work we do for our clients is reviewed by experienced eyes and automated software that checks for common errors. This two-step process ensures your returns are not only error-free, but fully optimized to give you the biggest refund possible.

In addition to being accountants for anesthesiology, we also provide full services for anesthesia practices from billing to practice management.

When our clients take advantage of all the services we offer, we get a full view of their financial situation. With this, we can provide proactive and seamless financial and back office services—from auto-deducting IRA contributions to automatically keeping track of, and renewing, board credentials and hospital privileges.

The full scope of accounting services we offer independent anesthesiologists includes:


  • Budgeting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Cash receipt oversight
  • Client/patient fee reviews and surveys
  • Coding and reimbursement analysis
  • Critical review of patient billing procedures
  • Embezzlement audits
  • Employee compensation reviews and surveys
  • Payroll
  • Financial Statements
  • Account Reconciliations
  • Accounts Payable
  • Pension Accounting
  • Benefit Plan Administration
  • Financial Planning
  • W-2/W-3/1099 Preparation and Filing for both Federal and State

Tax Services

  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Pension Returns
  • Tax Planning/Guidance
  • Quarterly/Annual Payroll Tax Reporting
  • Sales/Use Tax Reporting
  • Estate tax services in partnership with estate attorneys
  • Financial Compilations (monthly and annual)
  • Gift tax returns
  • Stockholder/partner agreement assistance
  • Tax audit preparation

Representation Before Tax Authorities

  • Prepare for any examination
  • Represent you in field or office examinations
  • Stand by our work 100%

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