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Anesthesia Revenue Management: What would extra revenue mean for your practice?

Anesthesia revenue management and billing service: What would a 5-15% increase in revenue mean for your organization? Continue reading

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Anesthesia Billing | Anesthesia Modifiers: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Anesthesia modifiers entitle you to extra income on difficult or unusual cases. A specialized biller like Fusion Anesthesia can ensure every appropriate modifier is present on your claims so you receive the full compensation you’re entitled to. Continue reading

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Optimizing Anesthesiologist Schedules: The Essential Data You Need to Know

Fusion Anesthesia’s data-rich, guided analytic tools allow your independent anesthesia practice to fully optimize its scheduling, boost take-home revenue, and decrease provider downtime. Continue reading

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Anesthesia Billing is Not a Commodity

Anesthesia billing is not a commodity. Learn why anesthesiologists need an anesthesia billing company with experience and expertise. Continue reading

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Negotiating with Hospitals: How Anesthesiologists Can Get the Best Deal for Themselves, Their Facilities, and Their Patients

As a member of an independent anesthesiology group, negotiating your next contract requires building relationships within your hospital, creating and organizing performance and quality data, and even engaging in a little self-promotion. Continue reading

Anesthesia Billing: Revenue Cycle Management Services

Revenue cycle management is a central component of anesthesia billing. Learn about how our comprehensive revenue cycle management services can help you increase your take home. Continue reading

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Anesthesia Billing: Not as Easy as It Should Be

Anesthesia billing and revenue management should be easy, but unfortunately it requires complex systems and dedication to actually collect everything a doctor is owed. Continue reading

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Anesthesia Billing Services: We Advocate for You

Fusion Anesthesia’s anesthesia billing services offer a best-in-class solution for anesthesiology billing. Our proprietary billing system, tenacious staff and over 40 years of specializing in anesthesiology are uniquely suited to maximize revenue for our clients. Continue reading


Accounts Receivable Medical Billing: The Myth of 30 Days

There are many myths about accounts receivable in medical billing. Low numbers of days in accounts receivable is not always a good thing. Continue reading

Our Secret Nerd Sauce

Many anesthesiologist billing providers promise a lot, but don’t end up delivering. Learn our secret way that we get anesthesiologists every penny they are owed. Continue reading

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Anesthesia jokes are funny - getting underpaid isn′t.

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Anesthesia jokes are funny - getting underpaid isn′t.

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