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Anesthesia billing should be easy but understanding all the modifiers and codes, plus the effort it takes to get what you’re owed is challenging. Learn more about all the elements of anesthesia billing.

The Best Anesthesia Billing Services Increase Hospital Revenue

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are under constant pressure to optimize operations while remaining within strict budget guidelines. Every department must find ways to cut costs or, even better, increase revenue. By using the best anesthesia billing services, it is possible … Continue reading

The Best Anesthesia Billing Services Increase Take Home

Anesthesia billing is more than just coding and submitting claims, collecting whatever money comes in, and calling it a day. It takes detail-oriented coding specialists, anesthesia-specific expertise, precise reconciliation processes, and extensive follow up. It’s Important to Understand How the … Continue reading

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Anesthesia Revenue Management: What would extra revenue mean for your practice?

What could your practice do with an extra $10k, $50k, or $100k? Increase your take-home pay? Give your employees raises? Increase staff with CRNAs or employed anesthesiologists? Increasing revenue to achieve these goals might be as simple as changing your … Continue reading

How Anesthesiologists Lose Money by Saving Money

We’ve been providing billing services for anesthesiologists for over 40 years. Our clients are smart folks. So it always astounds us when we see anesthesiologists making basic business errors when it comes to selecting a billing company. Here’s the flawed … Continue reading

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Anesthesia Billing | Anesthesia Modifiers: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

When it comes to medical billing, surgeons have it easy. After the surgery is performed, they use a single CPT code that covers everything from the procedure itself to all pre-op and post-op visits with the patient. It’s as simple … Continue reading

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Increasing Hospital Anesthesia Revenue

Hospitals and health systems are facing more competition and belt-tightening than ever before. The financial impact of bundled payments, the increasing costs of staff and supplies, and rising drug prices mean that hospitals need to maximize their revenue wherever it’s … Continue reading

Anesthesia Practice | Part 1: Setting Up Your Anesthesia Practice

This is part one of a multi-part series on setting up an anesthesia practice. In this post, we’ll be discussing the basics of setting up an anesthesia practice. In part two we will review everything you need to consider when … Continue reading

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Anesthesia Billing is Not a Commodity

We have said it before, and we will say it again…and again and again: anesthesia billing is complicated. It is not a generic commodity service. Hospitals and anesthesia groups that treat it that way will get burned through a loss … Continue reading

Anesthesia Billing: Revenue Cycle Management Services

Revenue cycle management is a central component of all healthcare billing, but is particularly important for anesthesia billing, as most practitioners don’t have much of a back-office staff (if any). Anesthesiologists that want to ensure they’re getting paid 100% of … Continue reading

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Anesthesia Billing: Not as Easy as It Should Be

Anesthesia billing and revenue management should be easy. In a perfect world, it would look something like this: Anesthesiology services are performed. The anesthesiologist writes up their notes by hand or in an EHR and hands it off to their billing … Continue reading

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