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Anesthesia billing should be easy but understanding all the modifiers and codes, plus the effort it takes to get what you’re owed is challenging. Learn more about all the elements of anesthesia billing.

Anesthesia Billing vs General Medical Billing in a Hospital

General Medical Billing vs Anesthesiology Billing in the Hospital

Hospitals nationwide are experiencing changes throughout their entire infrastructure and procedures. With new safety protocols, practice management changes, regulation rules, new billing methods and ever-changing tax laws, hospitals are experiencing a lot of uncertainty and pressure. On top of that, … Continue reading

What Medical Billing is Best for Your Anesthesia Practice?

There numerous types of medical billing companies available – but which is best for your practice and how do you find the right one? Continue reading

Anesthesia Contract Template Exploring Specific Contract Element

Anesthesiologists must negotiate contracts with both payors and facilities. Here is a basic anesthesia contract template that you can use to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your group. Continue reading

Current Topics in Anesthesia: How COVID-19 is Impacting Anesthesia

COVID-19 is impacting every facet of healthcare across the globe. From resource shifts to hourly protocol changes, this is a turbulent time. While you remain active in facilities, we are here to provide you with the planning and financial data … Continue reading

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Anesthesia Fee Schedule: The Importance of Contract Negotiations

Your anesthesia fee schedule can have the biggest impact on your take-home – and it all starts with your contract. See why it is so important to negotiate. Continue reading

anesthesia contract negotiations - anesthesia contracts - header

Anesthesia Contracts: How to Improve Anesthesia Contract Negotiations

Anesthesia contracts are the main factor that impacts how much you get paid. See how to improve your anesthesia contract negotiations to increase revenue. Continue reading

Insourcing vs Outsourcing Anesthesia Billing

It may seem simple to set up your own anesthesia medical billing and coding team, but outsourcing is often a better option. Here are the pros and cons to insourcing vs. outsourcing anesthesia billing. Continue reading


Anesthesiologist Billing Services: What to Look for in an Anesthesia Biller

Finding the right anesthesiologist billing services could help you increase your take-home by 5-15%. Here’s what to look for in an anesthesia biller. Continue reading

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Why the Right Medical Billing Provider Helps to Secure Your Anesthesia Independence

The right medical billing provider gives you the support you need to hold onto your anesthesia independence and avoid the pressures of succumbing to a buyout. Continue reading

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Finding the Best Anesthesia Billing Company: Not All Billing Partners Are Equal

Not all billing partners are equal, here’s what you need to look for to find the best anesthesia billing company. Continue reading

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