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Anesthesia billing should be easy but understanding all the modifiers and codes, plus the effort it takes to get what you’re owed is challenging. Learn more about all the elements of anesthesia billing.

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Billing Anesthesia: It’s Harder Than It Seems

Billing anesthesia is harder than other specialties. Here’s what you should be looking for from your billing company to ensure you’re maximizing revenue. Continue reading

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Surprise Anesthesia Medical Billing: Understanding the New Surprise Billing Legislation

Surprise billing is a hot-button topic in healthcare. Here’s what anesthesiologists need to know about the proposed surprise medical billing legislation. Continue reading

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Anesthesia Documentation: Maximize Revenue with Proper Documentation

Anesthesia documentation and billing is extremely complicated. Proper documentation is required to properly code claims and ensure maximum reimbursement. Continue reading

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Hospital Anesthesia Billing: Hospital Billing Process

The hospital billing process is not simple, especially when it comes to hospital anesthesia billing. Explore how to maximize revenue through reconciliation. Continue reading

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Hospital Anesthesia Billing: You Need Specialized Services

Hospital anesthesia billing requires specialized people, systems, and services to maximize revenue. Explore how you can increase revenue in your anesthesia department. Continue reading

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CRNA Billing: How to Maximize Revenue

A dirty secret of the medical billing industry is that they underpay – most of the time. Here’s how you can maximize revenue with robust CRNA billing processes. Continue reading

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CRNA Billing: Here’s What You Need to Know About Billing for CRNA Services

Billing for CRNA services should be easy but without the right billing company you could be missing out on revenue. Here’s what you need to know about CRNA billing. Continue reading

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Anesthesia Quality Reporting: The Financial Reality

The financial reality is that Medicare is the primary payer requesting practices to implement anesthesia quality reporting – does that mean you should do it? Continue reading

Perioperative Surgical Home: What is the Perioperative Surgical Home Model?

The Perioperative Surgical Home is a new type of care model – but what exactly is it how does it impact you as an anesthesiologist? Continue reading

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Anesthesia Practice | Part 2: Insource or Outsource Anesthesia Billing

Let us help you decide if you should insource or outsource your anesthesia billing in part 2 of our starting an anesthesia practice series. Continue reading

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