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Anesthesia Conferences 2019

(Updated Sept 2018) As 2018 comes to a close, you should start thinking about which conferences you want to work into your schedule for next year. Here’s our round-up of the top anesthesia conferences in 2019*. : Conferences and Meetings … Continue reading

Anesthesia Billing: Medical Billing Analysis Process

Anesthesia billing is hard. Yes, we have said it over and over but it’s true. Without the right tools, people, and expertise in billing and collections you could be losing money (anywhere between 5 and 15 percent of your potential … Continue reading

Anesthesia Billing Consultants: Comprehensive Consulting Services

We have noticed that too many anesthesia billing companies and consultants focus on the trees instead of the forest when it comes to anesthesia billing. Their focus is often entirely on the mechanics of the anesthesia billing process. While the … Continue reading

Scheduler and computer on desk

Optimizing Anesthesiologist Schedules: The Essential Data You Need to Know

As an independent anesthesiology group competing with national chains, it’s critical that you’re collecting the maximum revenue you’re entitled to. The main benefit of working with Fusion Anesthesia is that we can help you increase your take-home by an additional … Continue reading

Anesthesia Practice | Part 1: Setting Up Your Anesthesia Practice

This is part one of a multi-part series on setting up an anesthesia practice. In this post, we’ll be discussing the basics of setting up an anesthesia practice. In part two we will review everything you need to consider when … Continue reading

Man in suit gesturing

Negotiating with Hospitals: How Anesthesiologists Can Get the Best Deal for Themselves, Their Facilities, and Their Patients

It’s no secret that life is becoming more challenging for independent anesthesia groups. Large anesthesia chains, like Somnia, MEDNAX, Sheridan, and NAPA, are becoming the provider of choice for many hospitals. At the same time, hospitals are becoming more demanding, … Continue reading

White wolf in the woods

Anesthesia Practice Management: Anesthesiologists Are “Lone Wolves” No More

As the healthcare industry shifts toward value-based reimbursements, it’s no secret that hospitals are finding the transition difficult. As an anesthesiologist, you’ve probably seen your hospital struggling to balance improving efficiency and outcomes while lowering costs. To meet these demands, … Continue reading

Our Secret Nerd Sauce

If you talk to most billing companies they’ll tell you that they collect the maximum amount possible for their clients. But if you talk to our clients, they’ll consistently tell you that we collect 5-15% more revenue than their previous … Continue reading

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Anesthesia Practice Management

The principals of Fusion Anesthesia have been providing practice management and billing service for anesthesiologists for over 40 years. Unlike other anesthesia practice management companies, Fusion Anesthesia bundles our services in to a comprehensive package that provides complete answers with … Continue reading

Anesthesia jokes are funny - getting underpaid isn′t.

Contact us to learn how you can maximize your take home.

Anesthesia jokes are funny - getting underpaid isn′t.

Contact us to learn how you can maximize your take home.

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