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Steps to Securing Anesthesia Independence

Holding onto your independent anesthesia practice is challenging in the current healthcare market. Here are the steps you can take to secure your anesthesia practice independence. Continue reading

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What to Look for When Choosing Anesthesia Management Services

Comprehensive anesthesia management services help you optimize operations and increase revenue. Here’s what you should look for. Continue reading

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Understanding the Anesthesia Healthcare Environment

The current healthcare environment is changing at a rapid pace. Here’s what you need to know about how it is impacting anesthesiology. Continue reading


The Future of Anesthesiology: What Anesthesiologists Can Expect?

Where do you see yourself five years from now? We often hear this question during interviews, but it seems cliché to ask an independent anesthesiologist who most likely plans on continuing to run their practice or retire. However, as the … Continue reading

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Anesthesia Revenue Cycle Management: Improve Anesthesia RCM Processes

Anesthesia revenue cycle management (RCM) processes are critical to your cash flow. Here are 6 things you can do to improve anesthesia RCM. Continue reading

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Independent Anesthesia Practice: How to Hold onto Your Independence

Independent anesthesia practices are becoming increasingly rare as healthcare continues to consolidate. Here’s how you can remain independent. Continue reading

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Anesthesia Documentation: Maximize Revenue with Proper Documentation

Anesthesia documentation and billing is extremely complicated. Proper documentation is required to properly code claims and ensure maximum reimbursement. Continue reading

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Hospital Anesthesia Billing: You Need Specialized Services

Hospital anesthesia billing requires specialized people, systems, and services to maximize revenue. Explore how you can increase revenue in your anesthesia department. Continue reading

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Independent Anesthesia Group Practice

Independent anesthesia group practices face challenges as they continue to get gobbled up by national organizations. Here’s how you can remain independent. Continue reading

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CRNA Billing: Submitting a Clean Claim and Reconciliation

Submitting a clean claim and rigorous reconciliation are the first steps towards increasing revenue for CRNA billing. Here’s how it should be done. Continue reading

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