The principals of Fusion Anesthesia have been providing practice management and billing service for anesthesiologists for over 40 years.

Unlike other anesthesia practice management companies, Fusion Anesthesia offers a range of services that provide complete answers with a single call.

Plus, our concierge service completely eliminates the need for back-office staff or multiple support providers.

anesthesia practice management companies - listOur full-service support includes:

  • Billing and revenue cycle management
  • Practice management
  • Accounting & payroll
  • Bookkeeping & bill paying
  • Business consulting
  • Compliance services

Anesthesia Practice Management Consulting

We provide billing and accounting services to over 400 anesthesiologists. This gives us a very broad view of both the payer and provider landscapes across a broad range of geographies in the US. We leverage this insider knowledge to provide a range of anesthesia practice management services, including:

Insurance Contract Negotiation

When negotiating insurance contracts, independent anesthesiologists are often at a disadvantage due to disparities of information. The insurance companies have tremendous databases full of payer data and you generally do not.

However, Fusion Anesthesia knows the insurance companies’ anesthesia contracts even better than they do!* So when you work with us, we don’t just even the informational odds, we improve them.

What’s more, we thoroughly understand the local competitive landscape as well.

The bottom line is that Fusion Anesthesia can help you negotiate a better contract than you’d likely be able to negotiate on your own.

Better contracts are just another step to maintaining your independence.

anesthesia practice management companies – negotiation

Hospital Contract Negotiation

Just like negotiating with insurance companies, independent anesthesiologists and small practices can often feel overwhelmed when the CFO of the local hospital starts spitting statistics at them that seem to justify whatever concession they are looking for.

Fusion Anesthesia brings statistics of our own to support your claims.

Stipend Negotiation

Amongst the more difficult negotiations are working with your facilities for adequate compensation to take into account less than ideal patient/payer mixes and/or facility imposed low utilization rates.

We can marshal historical data, future projections, and industry averages to propose an equitable stipend formulary that adequately compensates you and your group for facility-imposed requirements.

Scheduling & Efficiency Analysis

The complexities of scheduling even a relatively small group can be immense:

  • An MD can medically direct up to 4 CRNAs per Medicare
  • Scheduling and staffing rules for MDs and CRNAs are different
  • Caseloads vary dramatically by shift and day of the week
  • Facilities and/or practice groups may have minimum staffing requirements

anesthesia practice management companies - schedule

We model how to keep all the MD’s in a group running on reasonable schedules, use CRNA’s to ‘flex’ the coverage where possible, and provide full coverage at all times. The result is an idealized schedule that meets your needs while maximizing efficiency.

Credentialing Support

Let’s face it, keeping up with the mountain of paperwork, deadlines, and minor fees to prove to the world that you can (still) do your job can be a major hassle.

  • Various state and federal agencies want credentialing proof…
  • Some facilities require that you can show that you’re working a minimum number of cases per month to maintain privileges…
  • payers are always looking for an excuse not to pay so you need to show them credentialing paperwork in addition to everything else…

… it’s just one (well maybe 15) more thing(s) to keep on top of.

We take care of all it for you:

  • Tracking requirements, deadlines, and caseloads
  • Handling all correspondence and forms

Comprehensive practice management is just part of our comprehensive service.

Comprehensive Services

Fusion Anesthesia is based on the ethos that anesthesiologists want to focus on their practice and on their lives, not paperwork.

We’ll take care of the drudgery of billing, collections, accounting, practice management, negotiations, compliance, bookkeeping, and bill paying.

Want to get a feel for Fusion Anesthesia’s unique boutique services? Give us a call; we’d love to chat. If our model sounds like it might be a good fit, we can provide you with a no-obligation analysis of your past six months of billing.

Our analysis won’t take a lot of your time and you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to work with us… not to mention how we can increase your take-home by 5-15%.

*This is literally true. Fusion Anesthesia maintains a constantly updated database of the exact payment terms of every bilateral payer/provider contract in our client universe. It turns out that our database is consistently more accurate than the insurance company’s… a fact with which we are able to leverage a significant increase of collections across the board for our providers. This benefit alone more than pays for all of our fees.

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