moneyWhat could your practice do with an extra $10k, $50k, or $100k?

  • Increase your take-home pay?
  • Give your employees raises?
  • Increase staff with CRNAs or employed anesthesiologists?

Increasing revenue to achieve these goals might be as simple as changing your anesthesia revenue management company.

Yes, it really is that easy.

Think what your practice could do with an extra $10k, $50k, or $100k.

Maximizing Anesthesia Revenue is Not Easy

Getting the money you are owed should be easy. In a perfect world the entire process would look something like this:

  1. Services are performed
  2. Anesthesiologist submits their notes
  3. A coder assigns the appropriate billing codes and sends a clean claim to the payer
  4. Payer and patients pay bills according to their contracted agreements
  5. Everything reconciles at the end of the month

anesthesia revenue management - simple process

Unfortunately, the truth is that billing is never that easy. The coding and claims process alone requires complex systems, and getting payers to pay their contracted amount takes serious determination.

Most anesthesia revenue management companies don’t have the systems or dedication necessary to get you maximum revenue. Since billers are paid based on a percentage of what you collect (rather than hourly) they just don’t take the extra time required to get you all the money you’re owed.

Traditional billing companies just don’t have the systems or dedication to collect every penny you’re owed.

We do things a little differently from your average billing company.

How We Maximize Your Revenue

Our Secret

We have been in the anesthesia billing industry for 40 years. This gives us the expertise needed to handle the complicated anesthesia billing process.

We are able to collect more because:

  • We specialize: When we say we have been doing anesthesia billing for 40 years, that’s 40 years of just anesthesiology. That means our coders know the ins and outs of anesthesiology billing codes, regulations, and processes.
  • We’re relentless: We don’t give up after the payers pay unless they pay their contracted amount or that service. We follow up and fight to collect every penny you are rightfully owed.
  • We have a secret sauce: We use a database that includes every contract agreement for every one of our anesthesiologists and pair it with proprietary software that tallies up everything. That means every line item on every claim is verified to be sure it meets that contracted rate with that When things don’t match up we kick it back to the payer (sometimes multiple times) until they pay in full.

With 40 years of experience, we know how to correctly code clean claims and reconcile extensively to maximize your revenue.

Meticulous Submission and Reconciliation Processes

Fusion Anesthesia’s billing  process looks like this:

  1. Services Performed
  2. Records Submitted: Anesthesiologists submit their notes to our team. We accept handwritten notes, transcribed notes, or notes submitted directly from EHR systems – whatever is easiest for the anesthesiologist.
  3. Claims get Coded Correctly: Our AAPC certified coders understand how to properly evaluate surgical and pain procedures to code claims cleanly and correctly to ensure maximum revenue.
  4. Clean Claims are Submitted: Our standard turnaround time for submitting claims is three business days from receiving the records to complete claim submission. To ensure that claims are accurate, we check them five times. They are first checked twice by humans, once by our own automated systems, and then twice again by our clearinghouse vendor.
  5. Claims are Tracked: Our reporting technology tracks all claims and all items within each claim accurately to ensure we can complete appropriate follow-up. This is done whether the claim is submitted on paper and electronically.
  6. Follow-up: If we don’t collect the full contracted amount on the first submission, we follow-up again and again until the claim is paid in full.
  7. Reconciliation: Every payment is matched against our proprietary contracted rates database for the specific procedure and provider contracts for the anesthesiologist. If it doesn’t match we kick it back until they pay the correct amount.

What does this mean for you?

This extensive process has the potential to increase revenue in your anesthesia practice by 5-15%.

Comprehensive Anesthesia Revenue Management Services

In addition to providing the most thorough revenue cycle management process on the market, Fusion Anesthesia offers comprehensive practice management, billing, and accounting services for independent practices.

Our available services include:

Having insight into your business helps us better serve you by optimizing all aspects of your practice and further increasing your take home.

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