Ensuring that you are partnered with the right anesthesia billing company is imperative for the future of your anesthesia practice. If you are not with the right company, you need to switch anesthesia billing companies.

If you are here reading this, then you have thought about exploring the idea of switching anesthesia billing companies.

Maybe your current billing company:

  1. Isn’t maximizing your revenue. How much money your practice collects is directly related to your billing company. Most billing companies collect the easy 80% of billed work, write off the rest, and move on. That’s your money! That you work for! What would an extra 10, 15, or 20% of revenue mean for your company?
    At Fusion Anesthesia, we fight to collect every penny that you are owed. We typically increase our client’s revenue by 10-15%, just by going after the revenue that other billing companies don’t want to spend their time on.
  2. Doesn’t give you the personalized attention that you deserve. When you call to ask a question, do they know who you are?
    At Fusion Anesthesia, we know each of our clients intimately. We act as your back office staff. When you call, we know exactly who you are and provide you the answers you need. We do not use automated attendants, we even give you our personal cell phone numbers!
  3. Doesn’t specialize in anesthesia billing. Many companies do general medical billing, however, there are vast differences in other specializations billing vs anesthesia billing. If your billing company does general medical billing, including anesthesia, then you are most likely losing a significant amount of revenue. An anesthesia specific billing company will provide you higher quality, faster service, and ultimately more take-home money for you. For example, a general medical biller may simply target the anesthesia base and time units for billing and ignore items such as ASA physical status, line placements, or postoperative pain management services. This results in loss of collections, and loss of money for you – that you work for! At Fusion Anesthesia, we have over 45 years of anesthesia specific billing experience. We capitalize on our ever-evolving knowledge of the practice of anesthesia and billing to maximize provider reimbursement.
  4. Doesn’t communicate with you. Maybe sometimes your revenue, expenses, accounts receivable or other financial numbers are really high, really low, or fluctuate with no reason, and you don’t know why. Your anesthesia billing company needs to be proactively interested in maximizing your take-home pay, and communicating with you on why numbers are moving. If you have to call and ask for an explanation, then you are possibly pointing out things that your billing company wouldn’t have noticed without you bringing it to their attention. At Fusion Anesthesia, we go over your billing line-by-line and check every claim 4 times. We know exactly what is going on financially and know that our main goal is to collect as much revenue for you as possible.
  5. Doesn’t provide financial reports. Transparency in reporting is critical. Your billing company must provide you easy-to-read reports that show exactly where you are year-to-date for revenues, expenses and take-home pay. Maybe you want to look at these reports and maybe you don’t, but either way, your billing company should be studying these reports. If they don’t have them, that means they aren’t looking at them, which means they aren’t trying to maximize your revenue. Fusion Anesthesia has the best financial reporting available. It is easy to read, near-real-time reporting that is accessible to you at any time.

Whatever the reason may be, all of these are major red flags and you shouldn’t settle for any of them.

Once you’ve decided that you should switch billing companies, when is the right time to make the switch?

We get the question all the time. Is it best to wait til the end of a year? End of a quarter? End of a month? Wait until revenue is high so if there is a lag in revenue it won’t hinder the daily operations?

All of these are valid concerns, but our answer to everyone is: NOW. NOW is the time to switch. Do not wait.

Switching anesthesia billing companies can increase your revenue by up to 15%Every day that you stay with an insufficient anesthesia billing company is another day that you are losing revenue.

Every day that you stay with a subpar anesthesia billing company is another day that you are waiting to secure your financial future.

Why wait? Why go another week, month or year collecting less money than you should?

Now is the perfect time to switch anesthesia billing companies. Why?

  • Everything has been changing. The past few months have been a whirlwind. Laws have changed, billing has changed, accounting has changed, and the entire medical industry has changed, and will continue to change. With a partner like Fusion Anesthesia, you have someone in your corner advocating for you. We stay up-to-date on all the rule changing so that you don’t have to. Let us take that pressure off of you, now.
  • Increase your revenue – today. Nobody wants to collect less money than they should, especially in turbulent times like right now. Ensure that you are collecting the most money possible, now.
  • Secure your financial future – With the best reporting, the best relationships and the best billing, we can help you ensure that your practice stays on track and collects the most revenue possible, starting now.
  • No lapse of revenue – Maybe you’ve experienced a lapse of revenue when switching to another billing company, but we know that revenue delays are not feasible for businesses. Our clients do not experience a revenue lag when switching to Fusion Anesthesia for their anesthesia billing solutions.


Once you understand the differences between a generic anesthesia billing company and a GOOD anesthesia billing company, the answer is simple. Why would you want to wait? Switch today.

If you’re at all concerned that your billing company isn’t maximizing your take-home and/or providing the service you deserve, give us a call. We’ll happily provide you with a comparative analysis of your last six months clearly showing what your current company billed and collected versus what we would have billed and collected.

We won’t take a lot of your time and you’ll get a taste of our service culture and quite possibly an eye-opening opportunity to increase your take-home by 5-15%. Call us at 262.787.4050 or email at jbuss@fusionanesthesia.com for a no-obligation 6-month comparative analysis. Find out if we can increase your take-home by 5-15%.

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