Since our founding in 1974, we have seen many changes throughout the anesthesia billing world. The evolution of technology, mergers and acquisitions of hospitals and groups,  tax modifications, billing practice changes, and more. However, in the past 47 years, one element has remained a constant in anesthesia billing: Customer Service is the most important metric in billing. When customer service is top notch, it becomes a win-win for the anesthesia providers and the billing company, creating an unbeatable partnership. Here are a few reasons why customer service is vital in anesthesia billing:

Revenue increases for both parties. When human expertise, persistence and dedication are the heart of your service, increased revenue becomes an intentional byproduct. It’s easy for anesthesia billing companies to go after the low hanging fruit when it comes to claim follow-up, but highly trained, seasoned professionals will go after that hard to collect money and see that claim through full adjudication, ultimately boosting your bottom line.

Free Marketing: There is no better sales rep than that of a happy customer. Putting a premium on how we serve our anesthesia providers ensures that they will help to spread the word and your anesthesia business will grow by default.

Communication drives longevity: Getting to know your customers and valuing every interaction with them helps to cement a long-term relationship. When the lines of communication are open, you learn more about the nuances that make that customer unique and that helps to tailor the service to meet their needs. A customer that feels heard and valued will be with you for the long haul.

Creates a strong company culture: Good employees are in high demand, especially in the anesthesia world; customers are not the only ones with options! Getting to know your employees and valuing what’s important to them creates a sense of purpose and a positive work environment, which leads to longevity of staff. When there is high turnover of staff from call center to Client Service Reps, familiarity with customer specific nuances is lost and the customer is the one that ultimately pays the price.

Strengthens partnerships and improve processes: When customers and anesthesia providers are viewed as a partner versus an asset, your business processes and workflows evolve to unite your common goals. Customers become key collaborators when making enhancements and improvements to technology and other deliverables thus having a positive impact on your brand and, most importantly, solidifying your partnership. testing


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